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  • Proud member of the International Montessori Society, proponents of true, natural Montessori teaching.    IMS2
  • Children amaze and inspire us.

      Recognizing that no two children are the same, our research-proven approach fosters each child’s unique potential at his or her own pace. Nurturing the whole child is at the core of everything we do. The Apple Montessori experience means:

    • A lifelong love of learning at every age
    • A holistic approach as unique as your child
    • An academic advantage + exceptional care
    • Hands on, individualized learning at child’s own pace
    • Intellectual, social & emotional growth
    • A family owned and operated school for over 40 years

    Dedicated to Early Education for Over 40 Years!

    Every child carries within them the person they will become. At Apple Montessori Schools, we believe that the school community is responsible for discovering and nurturing the unique individual potential of each child.

    Our curriculum provides a sound academic background while stimulating and challenging each child to meet his or her own particular needs and learning pace.

    Our classrooms are rich with Montessori materials and supporting activities to promote intellectual as well as social growth.

    Not all Montessori Schools are the same! See the Difference between Apple Montessori Schools and other Montessori facilities in the area! [Learn more]

  • "Montessori is an education for life, preparing not just for school, but for life".     - Maria Montessori
  • Our Programs

    Inspiring a lifelong love of learning at every age
  • By embracing the most fundamental teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, we instill a love of learning, a strong work ethic, creativity, respect, and compassion for others.

    Our method is designed to build upon your child’s innate skills, knowledge and talents. By offering multi-aged classrooms rich with Montessori materials, your child will be actively engaged in his or her own learning process – at his or her own pace.

    • Infants
      Nurturing and encouraging caregivers
      • _______
        6 weeks – 18 months
    • Toddlers
      Insightful guidance as they grow
      • _______
        18 months – 2 years
    • Preschool / Kindergarten
      inspiring discovery & development
      • _______
        2 years - 6 years
    • Elementary
      Fostering a passion for learning through interaction
      • _______
        Grades 1-6
    • FasTracKids
      An extra edge for educational success
      • _______
        2 years – 6 years
    • Summer Camp
      Jam-packed fun without the summer slump
      • _______
        July – August
  • Our Beliefs

    We believe it is fundamentally important to:

    • Recognize, encourage, protect, & respect the physical, emotional & intellectual individuality of each child
    • Provide a safe environment that nurtures each child’s self-esteem and creativity.
    • Provide opportunities for children to develop according to their own capacities and interests.
    • Offer programs that foster independence, self-confidence, and social responsibility.
    • Provide academic opportunities to allow each child’s individual learning style to develop fully.
    • Provide a well-rounded curriculum that will become the foundation for a lifetime of learning.
    • The child’s own feelings of accomplishment act as a reinforcement to encourage more success!
    • Core Curriculum

      Exceptional geography, history, language, math & reading curriculum

    • Enrichment

      Engaging music and art enrichment plus character & ethics development

    • Montessori Difference

      A unique educational path for your child

    • Safety & Wellness

      The platinum standard of health, wellness and safety

  • We are proud to offer military and sibling discounts. Contact a school near you to learn more.