Apple Montessori Schools has temporarily moved to virtual learning and suspended all in-person tours. We are still enrolling for Summer Camp and School Year 2020-2021. Schedule a live virtual tour experience to learn more.

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Why Choose Apple?

  • It’s like comparing apples and oranges

    You have many early education choices for your child, and it’s important to find a program that offers much more than child care. That is the very foundation on which our first school was born nearly 50 years ago. Our programs make the most of a child’s critical learning time from birth to age six. Not all Montessori schools are created equal. Read on to see why Apple Montessori is considered a leader in our field.

  • For nearly 50 years, we have developed the foundation for a lifetime of school success by inspiring children to love learning. Scientific research shows that Montessori children have an advantage not only academically, but also socially and emotionally. That’s why we nurture the whole child. Here’s how (click each tab to learn more):

    • Apple kindergartners are two grades ahead on average in reading, language and math (based on Terra Nova testing)
    • Individualized learning plans stimulate cognitive development
    • Hands-on, experiential based learning brings abstract principles to life
    • Multi-age classrooms foster peer-to-peer teaching and learning
    • Materials and activities covering a five year span allow children to work at the pace and level best suited for their own interests and abilities
    • Sensorial lessons strengthen the five senses while developing classification and discrimination skills
    • Well-rounded, highly integrated curriculum sets the foundation for a lifetime of school success
    • Proven phonics reading program helps most children learn to read by the age of 4
    • Art, music and drama enrichment promote an understanding and appreciation for the arts
    • Highly credentialed and trained staff participate in continuing education programs to ensure your child gets the very best educational experience
    • FasTracKids provides accelerated e-learning
    • Special events and activities such as our International Week and Science Fair expand children’s minds and horizons
    • Practical life activities encourage care of oneself and the environment while building independence, concentration, perseverance, and self-confidence
    • Loving care and gentle stimulation nurtures growth, self-esteem, creativity, self-discipline, and independence
    • Allowing children to choose their own work and follow their own passions is empowering and productive
    • The sense of genuine accomplishment fuels success and builds self-motivation
    • Children gain a sense of responsibility for their own actions
    • Each child is treated with a deep respect as a unique individual
    • Daily e-communications for families helps us form a partnership in a child’s education and care. We also offer observations and conferences three times a year as well as a parenting seminar series
    • Three year classroom cycle fosters relationship building with other children and teachers
    • Multi-age classrooms allow older children to inspire and guide younger students and gain confidence by becoming classroom leaders. Younger students look to older students as role models, helping them visualize their future learning path
    • Span of ages and learning materials lets children find peers with whom they share academic or intellectual interests
    • School-wide events such as the Halloween parade and Thanksgiving Feast encourage collaboration and positive interaction
    • Social interactions are taught in lessons and opportunities to use social skills abound during work time, group time, meals, and playground time
    • Summer camp program provides continuity with school friends to make lifelong memories with and our year-round teaching staff
    • Character Enrichment Development Program
    • State-of-the-art security systems like fingerprint and swipe card entry, school-wide surveillance and live parent video monitoring
    • Continuous staff safety training programs such as the “Keeping our Kids Safe in School” module
    • Fire drills and lock down drills practiced monthly
    • General safety policy and practice review with weekly checks
    • On-site, hospital grade, sanitizing machine kills 99.9% of germs on all materials
    • Recess, physical education, hands-on learning and extra-curricular activities develop fine and gross motor skills
    • Playgrounds equipped with safety turf and padding plus perimeter fencing (details vary by location)
    • Participation in numerous charitable programs throughout the year helps your child build an awareness of the world beyond oneself and helps your child see that he or she has a gift to offer in making the world a better place
    • Character education, conflict resolution, and mindfulness practices build strong character and ethically responsible behavior. Children gain traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship
    • Children are immersed in a mini-society that teaches a set of shared values and ideals such as grace and courtesy, as well as respect and kindness for others
    • The fundamental belief that children are good and can be trusted sets the tone for good manners and mutual respect
  • Modern Montessori

    We are proud to provide an exceptional experience based on the Montessori philosophy and approach. With our modern Montessori approach, we go above and beyond to offer: 

  • Curriculum-based
    • Proven, phonics reading program (most children read by age 4)
    • Foreign language and innovative technology curriculum
    • Art, music/drama, and character development
    • Baby yoga, baby signs and food tasting
    • Abundant, top-of-the line Montessori materials
    • FasTracKids e-learning enrichment education
    • Apple Montessori Elementary School
  • Beyond the classroom
    • Safety-certified by Secure Education Consultants
    • Live parent video monitoring of child’s classroom
    • Summer Program infused with learning AND fun
    • Apple Academy staff development and training
    • After school extra-curricular activities
    • Parent partnerships, seminars, and daily e-reports

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