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    “What I love most about working for Apple Montessori Schools is the feeling of home that I get when I come to work. We are like a family and help each other like families do. It’s a rare commodity to come by.” ~ Marian W.

    Teacher and Student | Apple Montessori Schools“I have been a teacher here at AMS in Towaco for eighteen years. I have marveled at the growth a child has over the years that they are here… The journey begins as a small seed that grows and grows and grows into a beautiful flower. As I watch the inner- light spark and eventually become as bright as the sun. These children learn and become independent and confident in every area of the classroom and life. I have been watching them learn to read and write at a pace that is comfortable for them as the individual child and seeing their attention span grow and the child being able to focus and feel comfortable with their environment. I am proud to have known such amazing children and their families. AMS has given me a true gift allowing this to be part of my life.” ~ Susan S.

    “This is my fourth year at Apple Montessori and what stands out the most is our teamwork. Directors, teachers, and assistants alike treat each other like family instead of just coworkers. This is the quality I have always appreciated and has resonated with me since my first day of work. ~ A Cliffside Park staff member

    “As a teacher with twenty years experience, the opportunity to see AMS children from all ages learn and show their abilities beyond their expectations is what keeps me motivated. As AMS teachers, we never stop learning, and academically growing, how great is that! So different compared to public schools. This is way better for us teachers who enjoy and have the passion to teach” ~ Johana S.

    “I love working at Apple. I have been working for the company for many years and every year I learn more. The company makes sure we continue training so we can have necessary tools to help our children. The level of knowledge that the children leave the school with is very advanced.The children are happy being here, because its a very loving environment for them and us. I love working in this building because everyone here is very nice, together we make a great team. Everyone is dedicated and all care about each other and help each other.” ~ A Cliffside Park staff member

    “Working at Apple Montessori has been a great experience. The training we receive is extremely valuable, and has no comparison. My coworkers and the faculty are the best i have ever worked with and i’m so glad i am a part of this wonderful team.” ~ An Edgewater staff member

    “I have been teaching at Apple Montessori for four years. I truly love waking up every morning and going to work. My job is extremely rewarding seeing my students smiles everyday. Everyone at Apple is amazing, and all our teachers and assistants work very hard to keep our schools as efficient as possible.” ~ A Morris Plains staff member

    “In my short weeks working at apple Montessori, my experience has been wonderful. The staff that i work with have been very helpful in teaching me new things and learning the Montessori way. The children are delightful and the parents have been very welcoming.” ~ Elena L. Teacher Demo | Apple Montessori Schools

    “Working at Apple is definitely a learning experience. It is very different then working in a private daycare. I think that the most rewarding feeling is seeing children grow and read at such a young age. The school offers many things that make children reach their full potential.” ~ Modelli

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