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What Parents are Saying

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    • “Academically, socially, and everything in the middle- really a great school…Everyone is so pleasant and loving, our kids are blossoming too.”
      ~Rona L C

    • “I highly recommend this school for parents who are looking for a more structured/school environment and not just another daycare.”

    • The children are continuously challenged and encouraged to do their very best. Most of all, the teachers believe in what they are teaching and you can tell from their interaction with children.

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    Apple Montessori student“Although our daughter’s memories of the four years at Apple Montessori have faded a bit, as parents we remember the confidence that we had in this great school that helped to foster our daughter’s excellent academic skills. Thank you.”

    ~Joy Charles Kayanager 


    ABSOLUTELY AWESOME PROGRAM, STAFF…EVERYTHING!!! I generally mind my own business and don’t freely make recommendations to people. In the case of Apple Montessori, I have HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AMS AND FOLLOWED UP ON THE RECOMMENDATIONS TO NUMEROUS PEOPLE! That is the highest positive feedback I can provide. 

    ~Eyman Rundell


    “If you are looking for a safe and great environment for your children, you should definitely look at this school. Our children have been happier and happier there building their confidence, competence, self-esteem and respect for others…as a parent you will get a excellent update on your child progress. I highly recommend this school. My children love going to school.” 


    “I walk out of AMS every day being more impressed than I was the day before.  The staff is attentive, professional and always positive. The facility is immaculate, secure, and extremely well organized.  I feel fortunate to be a part of the AMS Family and know that my child’s academic success is being built by a solid foundation.”

    ~Alison F


    “We couldn’t be more impressed and glad that we chose Apple for our daughter; it usually takes a lot for us to be comfortable especially when it comes to making a decision for our one and only daughter’s education, well-being and comfort. At one point I almost was jealous as Miranda would prefer to be in school than being with us at home, it confirms that she felt at home.”

    ~Althea Rosenfield


    “My daughter has grown so much since beginning her journey here several months ago. When she first started, she was barely speaking, but now she is soaring with words! She has become very independent and does things I could never imagine a young toddler doing. I am so proud of her and so thrilled my husband and I chose this school!”

    ~Great Schools review


    “Both of my children have attended Apple Montessori since they were babies. We are very pleased with the education they are receiving and they LOVE school. They have formed wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime. They are also well mannered and empathetic towards others. The staff and teachers are very professional and loving. It is a wonderful place to grow-up.”

    ~Great Schools review


    “My daughter has been attending Apple Montessori since October of 2015. We came from a daycare where she was being held back with babies and was not giving her the education and life skills I felt she needed. Bringing her to Apple was one of the best decisions we have made for our daughter. In a classroom where there are children from 2.5 to Kindergarten my daughter has nothing holding her back! If she wants to start learning math those materials are available to her. Since beginning her time with Apple Montessori her vocabulary has grown immensely, she is able to identify letters and tell me all the sounds that letter can make. My favorite thing Apple offers is practical life education. They have a whole section of the classroom devoted to activities to help the child learn and practice everyday skills. My 2 year old knows how to set a table correctly, pour from a pitcher, put her own gloves on and so much more, all thanks to this section of the classroom. My daughter went from a daycare to a school, there is a difference. My daughter went from being held back by the standard American daycare education to being called ‘Tremendously advanced’ by her pediatrician. The most important thing to me though about Oakland Apple Montessori, the thing that stands out and makes me feel blessed everyday is how much my daughter loves the teachers. She never cries about going to school, she asks to go. She has no nervousness around anyone, she runs to them and loves them, and I can see their love for her. She asks for them on weekends, and is always up and excited on Monday mornings to see them again. That alone is the best thing a mother can ask for when having to send her daughter to school at a young age, knowing she is getting the most loving care when I have to be at work.”

    ~Stephanie S


    “I currently have my 3rd child attend Apple Montessori schools and there is nothing that even comes close to the way they teach , at only 16 months my child is independent , he feeds himself cleans up after himself and shows unreal motor skills and problem solving. I could not be happier with my child’s progress , he loves going to school. Staff is very friendly and professional , I would certainly recomend this school to everyone”

    ~Alan B


    “I am a mother of twins and am so relieved and pleased to have found Apple Montessori. This school is innovative, caring and I have to say it -clean! I feel so safe leaving my children there every day. The teachers and assistants are friendly and I am always impressed how everyone who works there knows my children and asks about them whether or not my kids are in their class. The staff is knowledgable and the Montessori learning techniques and study tools are perfect at engaging young children. My children are happy while being taught so many new skills from basics to anatomy, art and music. THis school is definitely a find and I can not say enough about how happy I am with my decision to send my children to Apple Montessori.”

    ~Kinnelon parent


    “My daughter has been attending Apple Montessori since may 2014 and has thrived since day 1.  She receives attention from her teachers and has developed academically and socially at a rate faster than I expected.  Her teacher Ms. Carbone is very caring and always open to discuss her progress or behavior before and after school.  Parents should also consider this school and the benefits of the Montessori method of having mixed aged classrooms.   I’ve started to notice my daughter discussing how she helps younger students in addition to being mentored by the older students.  I also believe interacting with the older students helps with her emotional development and maturation.  Most importantly, my daughter love going to school here.”

    ~Matthew, Hoboken parent


    “My children are not even considered pre k yet but they are working on material that would be considered kindergarten material at other schools. Most important, they are still able to be children and enjoy learning. They don’t even realize that they are learning and are being challenged because they enjoy the materials they are working on. The first year I noticed their behavioral growth but this year I see how far they are coming academically. Ms Bhiro and Ms Dlugosz are very loving and I feel like they each share a special bond with both of my children!”

    ~ Edison parent


    “Terrific school. Our child attends K. She is at least 1-2 years ahead of public school program without even trying or being pushed to do so. Reading taught phonetically not by remembering those ugly sight words! School provides opportunities for being enrolled into extracurricular activities. Am and pm care provided if needed. Food can be brought from home or ordered monthly through service with really nice food options. Outside territory is wooded and protected from nearby local road. Also have amazing outdoor facilities for kids to play during recess which is usually twice per day in pretty much any weather. Overall, we are very pleased with the school and will be attending the school in 1st grade.”

    ~Vera N, Wayne parent


    “Apple Montessori Schools are the best! They engage the child to learn and give them the desire to want to learn more and become independent children. They exceed expectations in all areas. My son has formed wonderful friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime!”

    ~A Great Schools review


    “Amazing Amazing Amazing! This is all I have to say, my child is so happy and this school is really a school, not just a daycare! She is learning so much since she started at Apple and she has made so many new friends. My daughter even started setting the table at home and has learned to say thank you and please. She has been so polite, all lessons of grace and courtesy.”

     ~Deena McClelland


    “A safe, caring learning environment with dedicated, and sincere staff.”

    ~Edgewater Parent


    “This is our daughter’s third year at AMS and we have been very happy. The environment is wonderful – very loving and nurturing, warm and friendly. All the staff are always smiling and willing to help. We could not ask for a better place to send our little girl every day. Sophia loves going to school and always talks about the teachers and aides (and not just her own). AMS is like a second family for her. As for the learning environment, we have also been very happy. The way AMS teaches reading and math makes it fun for the kids. Sophia is learning in a way that can be related to everyday activity rather than just memorizing, which we feel is a great way to create a foundation.

    One thing that really stood out for us when we chose AMS is the calm and serenity in the classrooms which makes for a great learning environment, unlike other preschools where children are screaming, running, and misbehaving in the classes.

    ~Glenn & Eileen Vivolo


    “The teachers are caring and nurturing. The children learn so much and fun at the same time. My daughter is 3.5 years and already reading. The classrooms are clean and a very good environment for the children.”

    ~An Apple parent

    My son recently graduated from Apple Montessori and is now in 1st grade. I am so pleased with his progress and how well he is doing in school. His new teacher just can’t stop talking about how well behaved and respectful he is and how well he reads, writes and problem solves. He recently received an award for possessing these characteristics. I must say I owe it all to Apple Montessori and the wonderful staff. I only wish he could’ve stayed with Apple Montessori through elementary school.”

    ~A Wayne parent


    “This is school is awesome!!! I cannot say how happy I am that my 2 children attend Apple. I made the mistake of taking my 4 year out of Apple and going to a Catholic school. After 1 year I ran back to Apple in tears seeking guidance after the terrible experience my children endured in the Catholic School. Within 2 weeks I started to see the sparkle in my son s eyes return. I wish Apple went through 12th grade. My children are receiving an excellent education in a safe environment. Academically, Apple is superior on every level. They engage the child to learn and give them the desire to what to learn more. Catholic/Public schools do not even show a child how to properly hold a pencil. They foster bullies and do not inspire greatness. The Catholic/public teachers fall below average and the proof is in (for those who do not have experience first hand to compare) test scores. The administration is wonderful. I personally prefer a no nonsense professional business structure and policy for staff and parents. But some parents are whiny and need to be coddled and difficult to please. The school runs smoothly admin and edu and that is why Apple is so successful.”

    ~A Wayne parent


    “Phenomenal curriculum my son was reading at 5 and reading really well. He was also very advanced in public speaking. Fastrackids program offered at Apple Montessori School really taught him to think critically as well as being able to communicate his ideas and thoughts verbally. I really like their system of teaching where the child learns at his own pace.”

    ~Gladys Castiglia


    “Everyone is super helpful and my child learned so much in reading group. It is amazing how they teach young children to read and love learning. We cannot keep up with everything she is learning every month! So blessed by the place. Love it!”

    ~Frankie Rothenberg


    “Apple Montessori School has very advanced programs. My daughter Aylin has developed incredible mathematic skills. The teacher is a wonderful teacher we love her so much, she is amazing. All the school crew is wonderful, so helpful, and thoughtful. Learning and working with this system is the most important responsibility for their life

    ~Elif Oguten Ecevit


    “Our son has attended Apple Montessori School since he was 18 months old and is now 3 years old. When we listen to what he has to say every day, it is easy to see all that he is learning – and it’s much more than just how to read, write and do math! We have seen that Apple Montessori has helped him to develop as a whole person including development of his independence, focus, self-control, and independent thinking.”

    ~Marc & Caren Murren


    “We are very fortunate for having found this school for our daughter who is 2 yrs and 3 months old now. She started with Apple Montessori last summer and has found a wonderful family away from home. Teachers, teachers assistants and after-school care providers are all very loving and keenly attentive to the intellectual, social and physical needs to the kids. The timings are also very friendly where both the parents are working professionals. I have been a believer in early childhood education and have been trying to educate and keep up the curiosity of our daughter at home. I was interested in a school which had similar believes and curriculum and Apple Montessori has been the answer to all our prayers. A big thanks to the management and all the staff! Keep up your passion to fill the young minds with knowledge and their hearts with love!!”

    ~ A Great Schools review


    “Apple Montessori Schools are the best. Their teachers are the nicest most well prepared professionals I have ever dealt with. Everyone really cares about the children. Go and tour and visit the school for yourself it is so awesome. I have never seen children working so happily and independently while learning. It is really refreshing to see that these schools are maintaining a high standard. I think their reading program and enrichment programs are so amazing. My son has attended this school since he was 2 years old and he is so well adjusted , happy and most importantly he truly loves learning. He is about to graduate this week and I feel so grateful to the Bailey family for how much he has progressed in the past 4 years!”

    ~ A Great Schools review


    “Apple Montessori schools provide a superior education which affords parents a high degree of confidence that their children are receiving the foundational tools necessary for a lifetime of success. As parents, we are given the opportunity observe our children and quickly learn that the faculty is committed and the children are engaged. Yes, it is impressive that at such an early stage our children learned to read, write, complete math problems and score well on standardized tests. Most impressive, however, is Apple’s clear desire to develop well-rounded, confident children. If you are fortunate enough to visit Apple and experience International Day, the Science Fair, the art exhibits, the musical performances and many of the other events they host, you will see first hand that Apple offers an appropriate balance of academics and personal development. As a parent, I am thankful that my children are able to be a part of the Apple Montessori tradition.”

    ~ A Great Schools review


    “AMS strengths lies in the deeply rooted fundamentals of providing the children with the right mix of education, fun activities and natural progress of a child. We had earlier kept our then 2 year old son at a different school which was strictly a daycare environment. Though their approach wasn’t completely dis-satisfying, our son was experiencing same limited activities on a daily basis. That’s when we decided to look at Montessori approach. What a difference it has made in a year and a half. Since his enrollment at AMS, his overall growth has been outstanding. In addition to significant improvement in his reading, math, science and general knowledge skills, it is his self-realization of learning on his own and taking that extra step that has impressed us the most. The staff at the school is extremely friendly and equally caring. We are very pleased by the step we took. Good job AMS. Keep up the good work!”

    ~ A Great Schools review


    “Our experience at Apple Montessori has been nothing less than amazing. The Apple curriculum is outstanding and the head teachers are top of the line – experienced teachers. Daniel left the school a confident child, reading way above his grade level and with general knowledge that surpasses his age. We love the exposure to arts and music. Great staff – always willing to go the extra mile for the kids. The education is beyond compare – I love that the focus is not only about the “ABC’s” but about being a “well rounded” person as well.”

    ~Margaret Rawls


    “I have high regards for Apple Montessori Schools. The staff treats my son with respect and believes in him. The staff treats the children as if they were their own. The children are continuously challenged and encouraged to do their very best. Most of all, the teachers believe in what they are teaching and you can tell from their interactions with the children.”

    ~Henri Goodall


    “Such a great view and even nicer staff and curriculum! The best school hands down. A real preschool NOT just a daycare. I have toured every school in Hoboken as well as Hudson and Bergen Counties and nothing compares to Apple Montessori! Hands down I am sending my 3 children there!”

    ~Pearlie Kegley


    “Infant program in unmatched by any other daycare. My daughter is being very well cared for. It was so hard to go back to work and leave my baby. Apple Montessori School infant teachers and assistants have done a great job winning my confidence. I am so grateful to have this school which starts as young as 6 weeks!”

    ~Bay Ziolkowski


    “They have a great technology class which they teach on an interactive white board. So innovative. Apple Montessori Schools truly takes your child to the next level. The staff is super caring and the school is clean. Apple in Hoboken is going to be such a great addition to the waterfront!”

    ~Regalado Elena


    “Greatest Montessori Ever! Really! Program is amazing! Camp is super fun and children learn as much in the summer as they do during the year while having a great time! I would like to recommend this school to everyone.”

    ~Marier Johnson


    “They are phenomenal and I think the program is so far advanced. I really have enjoyed the years my child attended.”

    ~Savannah Bombard


    “Such a clean and very good school. My child is learning so much I can honestly say Apple Montessori School is the best. The teachers are so caring and take so much attention to detail with my child. He is even learning to read and he is only 4.5! I am very impressed.”

    ~Margaret Brunhf


    “Apple Montessori Schools is a place where my child has learned not only to read, write and perform many different math skills, she has learned to be independent, make decisions, express her feelings, empathy caring and for others and responsibility. I have always felt safe leaving my child at Apple Montessori School. My daughter has graduated Kindergarten and is well prepared to move to her new elementary school with a solid foundation and I am so Thankful for ALL the staff at Apple Montessori Schools who have touched her life as well as our family. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a loving, caring, academic school. I have looked at many schools before deciding on Apple and when I walked in there I knew my child was at HOME!”

    ~Teri Hammond


    “This school has everything: stimulating and loving teachers, great facilities, a timetable to suit working parents and a well-designed program that works with your child’s psychology to help them develop their full potential. Every day the kids do phonics, music, outdoor play and special optional classes on top of traditional Montessori activities. I looked at pretty much every school and day-care centre in the Mahwah/Ramsey/Montvale/Park Ridge/Hillsdale/Westwood areas for my two and a half year old daughter and this was the only one I liked unreservedly. I wasn’t looking for Montessori in particular; just somewhere my daughter could have fun and learn lots in a clean, caring environment. She loves it so much she runs to hug her teacher in the morning and never looks back!”

    ~ A Mahwah parent


    “This is a wonderful school with great teachers. They teach kids how to do sign language, teach them phonetics, and show them how to trace letters using sand paper. It is a very clean facility. I love what my kids are learning from this school. It is worth every penny.”

    ~ A Mahwah parent


    “My son has attended Apple Montessori for 3 years and the education he has obtained is priceless. At the kindergarten level, he was able to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. His reading was also extremely impressive as well. By mid kindergarten he was reading at a chapter book level.”

    ~Mrs. Thomas


    “We love Apple! The teachers & staff are amazing. Our son loves going to school & in the short time I have seen huge developmental growth. Thank you to everyone at Apple. You do amazing things.”

    ~Levey Brumbelow


    “Fastrackids is offered at the school this is such a great program. It is taught on an interactive whiteboard and followed up with teacher and group discussions. Children then work on hands on projects. My child has learned tremendously here.”

    ~Henri Goodall


    “I am so very happy I found this school. Probably will be sending my 3 kids to the Wayne location from 1st-6th grade as well. I really love their hands on approach to learning. I recommend apple.”

    ~An Apple parent


    “They are so involved and loving with the children. Their work boards are beautiful I really love this school and their staff. Go there and see for yourselves!”

    ~Beth Muniz


    “Our family experience both from the student and parent and grandparent’s perspective has been extraordinary. Apple Montessori has an outstanding educational program which is custom tailored to each individual child. The Montessori teaching method provides the learning tools and instruction for children to reach their potential. In our experience, the potential was even higher than we imagined our 4/5 year olds could achieve.”


    “Over the past 8 years, the Apple Montessori staff and caregivers provide an outstanding curriculum to our three children. The choice of selecting a quality institution to school our children was difficult but when we researched Apple Montessori, they were able to set themselves apart from the competition. Their teaching methods provided our children with a developmental edge. Our three children have been part of the Kindergarten and pre-K program over an 8 year period. The Montessori curriculum provides an outstanding foundation to support our children s development including; practical skills, sensory development, math, language, music and art. In addition, the mixed aged classroom is designed to allow children to learn at their own pace and culminates with the Kindergarten students, who become role models for the younger children to follow. Overall, the school was safe and secure for our children. Additional oversight allowed us to participate and monitor progress through parent-teacher conferences, observations and parent evenings. We recommend Apple Montessori School without reservation.”

    ~ A Towaco parent


    “Enrolling my daughters into AMS was the best thing I could’ve done to start their education. My kids were both 3 years old when they started the pre-school program. By the middle of their pre-K year (the following year), they could both read simple books! It was amazing! My 4-yr-old now loves to read books and spells anything that pops into her head for fun! My 6-yr-old is now in 1st grade in the public school and actually told me that she wants to go to another school because this one is too easy!!! She is also going to be tested for the Gifted and Talented program. (Proud mommy!) Not only does AMS teach math and reading, but they also study other subjects such as geography, Spanish, art (Monet, De Vinci, etc.), different countries and cultures, to name a few. And the kids get so much out of it because, to them, they are just playing games and singing songs all day. The last thing I want to say about AMS is that the teachers truly care about their students. They become a family because the students have the same teacher throughout their career at AMS. And by the time graduation rolls around, the parents aren’t the only ones crying in the audience. TRUST ME!”

    ~ A Towaco parent


    “We have been with Apple Montessori since 2005. My youngest will be finishing her last year there this June. All three of my kids started there at an early age. They all have been with the same teacher, who we can’t say enough great things about. Not only is the school great academically but it provides a nurturing environment as well. All the teachers and the aides encourage and motivate the students to their fullest capabilities. The school provided the exact foundation I was looking for. My kids were reading proficiently before kindergarten, doing math, speaking Spanish, learned science, history, were self-sufficient, organized, and well-rounded. If your goals for your child are to be successful, this is place that will give your child the foundation to be successful in the future. I highly recommend it. I will surely miss the school, the teachers, aides, and faculty.”

    ~Sonali and Mandar Nagle


    “Angelina loves her school, her teachers and friends! I can’t say enough great things about this school. Apple Montessori School is an exceptional school where truly dedicated and committed administrators, teachers and staff members make a positive difference in the children’s lives. From the daily welcome to the warm farewells at the end of the day, the entire staff provides a safe, loving, and caring atmosphere. Through all the programs at AMS, the teachers have instilled a love of learning in Angelina and a sense of confidence that anything can be learned and achieved. She is academically excelling but more importantly she is growing into a confident, fiercely independent young girl. Angelina is so excited to share all that she has learned and accomplished every day at school. She is learning to create, to imagine, to think, and collaborate which are the foundations for her future academic endeavors. Thank you for all that you do!!”

    ~Lindsay Mangarelli


    “The staff is so warm and friendly, they feel like a second family and I always have peace of mind sending Dante to school. The curriculum is wonderful and Dante has really blossomed! He loves Mad Science as well and the summer camp and swim lessons are amazing! We love everything about the school.”

    ~Mrs. Berlyle


    “The staff is extremely nurturing and caring. You really feel that they care deeply for each child. The education is excellent. Devin is my 3rd son attending the school, so in my eyes the Apple Montessori teaching methods have worked beautifully for all 3!!”

    ~Eyman Rundell


    “We consider ourselves to be one of Apple Montessori’s biggest fans! It was love at first site! In May of this year, my husband and I brought out four year old son into the Wayne facility to inquire about the pre-school program. We were so impressed with what they had to offer that we could not wait until September to start! So Ey enrolled in summer camp and has been happy ever since.”

    ~An Apple parent


    “We feel that Apple is by far the best school in area in terms of the quality of education our girls receive and the broader life lessons (practical life, manners, coping skills, etc.) We have and will continue to recommend the school to friends and neighbors.”

    ~A Wayne parent


    “The grounds are beautiful, the parent seminars very informative the reading program surpasses that of any other private school!”

    ~A Wayne parent


    “I started my 5 year old at the kindergarten level, shortly after pulling him out of public school. In September, he could write and certainly not read. By March he tested at a third grade reading and has great writing skills. He now reads chapter books, understands them and best of all loves reading, school and is very proud of himself. I will continue him in the 1st grade, seeing the tuition as an investment in his future!”

    ~An Apple parent


    “My oldest child just graduated Kindergarten from AMS this year and his brother is a Pre-K. By engaging the children in hands on learning, an excellent reading program and the ability to work with their peers this program truly engages children in learning. The teachers connect with each child whenever they are in their learning, helping them succeed in a variety of ways building self-confidence, practical skills and educational skills and educational knowledge. My son’s was loving and strong giving the perfect balance for the classroom. With the help of the well trained assistants, I feel that the children are in excellent hands. ***I am so impressed that we will continue on to 1st grade in the fall.”

    ~Tracey and Paul Byrne


     “Excellent school! Teachers are very involved and students score consistently higher on standardized tests than their public school peers. We have also observed that the children are extremely well-behaved and well-mannered. Apple Montessori stresses the importance of, and actively teaches, good manners and behavior.”

    ~An Apple parent


    “There are three things I looked for in a school: Safety, Curriculum, and Diversity. I can absolutely say that this school has exceeded my expectations in all three areas. Being a mom that works full-time, it’s critical for me to know that my children’s time is spent at school is helping them prepare for a very competitive college experience and then the work force. Let me give you some examples of how this school goes above and beyond. I was traveling out of town and missed the parent teacher conference. My husband attended. Yet the teacher still phoned me to give me an update. My children take a second language. They are both in the music program. Spelling tests begin in K. My children’s classmates actually reflect the world in which we live. The school also just implemented a world class security system. I can’t say enough about this school; it’s very capable teachers and the environment for success they are creating for my children!”

    ~An Apple parent


    “Apple Montessori Schools provides a superior education which affords parents a high degree of confidence that their children are receiving the foundational tools necessary for a lifetime of success. As parents, we are given the opportunity to observe our children and quickly learn that the faculty is committed and the children are engaged. Yes, it is impressive that at such an early stage our children learned to read, write, and complete math problems and score well on standardized tests. Most impressive, however, is Apple’s clear desire to develop well-rounded, confident children. If you fortunate enough to visit Apple and experience International Day, the Science Fair, the art exhibits, the musical performances and many of the other events that they host, you will see first-hand that Apple offers an appropriate balance of academics and personal development. As a parent, I am thankful that my children are able to be a part of the Apple Montessori tradition.”

    ~An Apple parent


    If you are already an Apple Montessori Schools parent, we would love to hear what you think of our center! Please go to our Contact Us page, and leave your thoughts, ideas, comments and suggestions. Thank you!



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