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What Parents are Saying

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    • “My daughter is graduating High School and heading off to MIT in the fall. We still talk about what a great environment Apple Montessori was for her. The teachers and staff were caring and nurturing, and she learned so much. When she went into public school for 1st grade, we really saw how much they taught her! […] I believe her passion for math started early, and Apple Montessori really fostered the individuality of learning.” – Lisa Z.

    • “Between providing a safe and nurturing environment to the best education possible, what more could a parent ask for?!” – JOHANNA R.

    • “I think most parents convince themselves their child is more advanced than average. As a student of Apple Montessori, you don’t need to convince yourself of anything. You will witness their advanced progression when they’re in the presence of non-Apple kids.” – JEREMY R.

    • “The children are continuously challenged and encouraged to do their very best. Most of all, the teachers believe in what they are teaching and you can tell from their interaction with children.”

    • “Academically, socially, and everything in the middle- really a great school…Everyone is so pleasant and loving, our kids are blossoming too.”
      ~Rona L C

    • “I highly recommend this school for parents who are looking for a more structured/school environment and not just another daycare.”

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    What Our Parents Say: Infant Program

    “At 18 months she is far more advanced than we ever anticipated. She knows her colors and some shapes and has started singing her ABC’s. It’s truly remarkable to see her development and we can definitely attribute it to all of her teachers and the wonderful staff at Apple Montessori. We made the right choice.” – Isa M., YELP!

    “It’s difficult and scary to hand a baby over to someone to care for him or her during the hours mommy/daddy can’t, but the Apple Montessori staff have made this a very positive experience for our family. In my experience, they are all attentive and caring with the children and really take the time to get to know each child as an individual.
    My son started there at 9 months old in the infant program and is now 2 years old in the toddler program. It has been amazing to watch him flourish in the Montessori setting, developing confidence, independence, caring and a sense of responsibility…and, of course, learning in a fun environment! The teachers he has had have brought great experience to the classroom, and overall, the Apple community has been a great one to be a part of.” – Diana T., YELP!

    “My son went to Apple Montessori from 18 months to 3 1/2years old. The school is academically excellent!! We have been very pleased with the education that our child has received, especially math and reading.” – M.P, YELP!

    What Our Parents Say: Toddler Program

    “Our daughter attends toddler program at AMS Cliffside park. […..] Nothing can make a fulltime working mom who has to stay away from the kid happier.
    You can see how your kid is growing up well cared and becoming independent. Great staff. Always ready to help you with all the toddler challenges.” – Ajitha N., YELP!

    “Infant toddler programs exceeded our expectation, they go above and beyond to care for and educate all the children. I am expecting and will be enrolling my second child at Apple as well.
    This school is so nurturing and clean. Safety and well being of the children is their number 1 priority. Their reading program is so smart I wish it was used in every early childhood center.” – Brabitha Worrellm, Google

    “We just moved from a foreign country and we were very apprehensive with education for our toddler. Apple was really the best option we found and when we could not enroll our toddler to the unit near our home, they promptly find another unit that could receive her. She was very warm welcome by the baby room with Ms. Castano and her team. They are absolutely engaged and committed with the children education, motor development, safety and health! have no words to thanks Ms. Castano for all her wonderful care with our toddler.” – Vanessa Arruda, Google

    What Our Parents Say: Preschool Program

    “Best daycare/preschool! Best option for working parents. We started with Apple Montessori this year and have been greatly impressed. We immediately noticed an increase in abilities with our 2 1/2 yr old after just a few weeks of starting at Apple.” – Stefania J., YELP!

    “I absolutely love the school! I was so nervous regarding the transition from daycare to preschool, but Mrs. Petkovska couldn’t have been more supportive and helpful. My daughter’s teachers Ms. Tenner and Ms. Martin are excellent! So warm, cheerful and they always give my daughter personal attention. My daughter is at least a year ahead of her age group and she loves going to school!” – Barbara B., YELP!

    “Our children have both had a great time at Apple I would recommend this school to anyone who is interested in a really academic preschool. They also are so loving and nurturing they are the complete package.” – Deena McClelland, Google

    What Our Parents Say: Kindergarten Program

    “We chose Apple Montessori after looking at other schools and talking to people in our area. We really value the philosophy of the school. It was the best decision we could have made. Our daughter is in kindergarten and can pick any book off our shelf and start reading it herself. My children have gained self-confidence and autonomy. The school provides a holistic curriculum, fostering the children’s natural learning of academics, art, and self-esteem. We love the teachers and staff and will miss being a part of this community when our youngest child graduates.” – Jamia I., YELP!

    “When it comes to choosing childcare and a school for your child/children this is one of the most important decisions you can make for your child/children’s future. We had looked all over our area and knew nothing compared to Apple Montessori in Mahwah. To know that our child is in a safe environment with a program that is extremely organized and includes a unique approach to learning, but still lets kids be kids, is a true asset. Our daughter is now 4 years old and has obtained skills ahead of where most kindergarten kids are. The staff and teachers at Apple Montessori are highly trained and certified in what they do and at the same time extremely nurturing to all the children. If you are looking for childcare or a school for your little one, I assure you that Apple Montessori Mahwah is one of the best decisions you can make.” – Scott H., YELP!

    “I have three children enrolled in AMS Towaco and I couldn’t be happier with the care and education they are receiving. Being that they are all the same age, I was concerned they would be treated the same even though they are vastly different children with extremely different interests, needs and learning styles. Not the case at Apple! Each one is treated as an individual while still learning the same materials and honoring their different learning styles. They have learned so much during their Pre-K year and are already signed up for Kindergarten where they continue to learn not only the amazing academics that Apple is known for, but also the great leadership skills that are taught to them as well, something you will not find anywhere else! As an educator myself, I know how important the early childhood years are! AMS Towaco has some very special teachers including Mrs. Yager, Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Ford and Ms. Mateo (plus so many more) who clearly understand the importance of these years also and treat my children as if they were family! Oh, and we can’t forget to mention Mrs. Zarro and Mrs. Weinberg who deal with crazy parents like me with the utmost patience, compassion and kindness! I can not save enough amazing things about this school and I am so glad my children are Apple students!” – Kassie D., YELP!

    What Our Parents Say: Elementary Program

    “BEST SCHOOL EVER! We couldn’t be happier than we are here! Love the Elementary program.” – Melissa Dakota Andres, Facebook

    “Besides the safe, secure, and clean facility, the staff is so caring and loving. We now have three children benefitting from what we believe to be the best educational experience available. They are thriving academically and socially. What more could a parent ask for?!?” – Tracey Byrne

    What Our Parents Say: Summer Camp

    “It’s our 2nd year and the Summer Camp is great. There’re many activities from Montessori Connection to arts, cooking and S.T.E.A.M.” – Elen Segawa

    “I was truly amazed at the variety of activities and lessons provided everyday at camp that I learned through my Tadpoles app. Each day the students participated in everything from sports, to steam lessons, cooking, art, music and even had special ice cream truck outings. I was able to see pictures of my daughter and read descriptions of everything that they did which is super helpful since my 2 year old can’t quite verbalize everything to me. Even though Victoria can’t articulate what she actually did during her steam lesson of the day, her face lights up and she gets so excited and tries to put sentences together about what she did that day when I show her pictures on her app or take out the art project that was left for me in her coat bag. It makes my heart so happy to hear her say, “Victoria loves camp, Victoria loves friends and art at camp” with a grin across her face. As a working mom, it is such a relief to know that Victoria is safe, happy and enriched all day long during camp. My family and I are truly blessed to have Apple Montessori provide such a great experience for our daughter and we look forward to the rest of camp and 2019 school year!” – Danielle Yannotta

    “Our daughter has been attending Apple Montessori in Metuchen for 3 years now. Best part of the summer camp is the water-play days and existing field trips to Zoo and Aquariums. Kids learn so much don’t loose focus on schedule over the summer days and still have summer fun. ” – Pooja Patel

    “My older one has been going to Apple Montessori Oakland summer camp for 3 yrs now and it’s amazing every year. This year my 2yr old started too and it’s been awesome. It’s packed with so many different activities, different and thoughtful themes every week, and the best part is even if camp is all about having fun, kids still learn so much. I am already seeing a difference in my kids behavior and it’s been only 5 weeks. Thank you so much for everything Apple.” – Dharmi Shah

    “All three of my kids went to Apple’s summer camp. I loved that the setting was warm and small. The children get a nice combination of active play and learning activities. Having swim lessons daily is a huge plus. My kids also enjoyed the field trips and themed weeks. I highly recommend Apple summer camps.” – Sonia Deprospero

    “My child has attended AMS’ summer camp for the last three years. Each week has a creative theme with activities, events, field trips, and daily swim lessons. Last year, my son received a 45-minute swimming lesson daily AND 45 minutes of free swim every day! The children learn yoga, sports, dancing, and crafts galore. My son has enjoyed all of the outdoor activities and looks forward to the bike race every year. The children are grouped by age and each group is adequately staffed and organized. Summer camp rooted in the Montessori model reinforces and builds upon the growth achieved during the academic year. The quality of instruction and care provided in AMS summer camp is top-notch. As a parent, it is invaluable know my child is not only in great hands during the summer months but is also learning and having fun!” – Laurie Desimone

    “We love the Apple summer program! The spirit days, fun activities, water play, theme weeks are something our whole family looks forward to each year. The teaching staff works incredibly hard to build a program where children are learning but having fun as well. Highly recommend for any parent looking for an organized and engaging summer program! –The Reillys, parents of a 2.5 year old

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