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Trying to home-school while working at home? Routines are important.

March 31, 2020

We understand that juggling a homeschool routine while trying to work from home is a big ask of families. Our hope is that these suggestions of “rules” to set up in your home during this period will alleviate some of that stress and help keep the school to home connection.

  1. “One work at a time”– You can choose from the variety of materials, but you can only choose ONE at a time. You can carefully take the tray with its materials anywhere in the room or house to work (except on the shelves themselves, which would deny other children easy access to the other materials). Once the child is finished, he/she carefully brings it back to its original spot.
  2. “Go slowly”– while walking into the room, while taking a tray to your spot, and doing the work without rushing – all help maintain a mode of concentration and purpose in our actions.
  3. “Keep the room tidy”– Each child has an apron and wash rag, and at the beginning and end of each school day, they do things like dust the shelves, push in their chairs, throw away scrap papers, empty out the washbasin used for washing hands, bring the snack dishes into the kitchen, and water the plants.
  4. “Quiet Voices”– This rule is a constant struggle in our house but a necessity for creating a courteous and productive work environment. I’m constantly trying to come up with new games or activities to help my children become sensitive to volume.
  5. “Be Gentle”– with how they handle the materials, with how they speak to their siblings and with how they care for the plants and animals they interact with.
  6. “Use your words”– We still deal with tantrums and issues with personal space in our house, but growing in grace and courtesy has helped. We insist that the kids use their words to express their feelings in a clear and calm manner, and this is where the role-playing activities have come in handy.

Don’t forget that your teachers and schools are still here for you and want to help. At Apple Montessori Schools, we want all of our students to feel supported, nurtured, and safe. This time will pass soon enough, parents! Students all around the world will be back in the classrooms and outside of the house!

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