Top 10 Reasons to Work for Apple

  • (Quotes pulled from Glassdoor and Google)

    1. “I enjoy going to work every day because I am challenged and I am a part of making a difference in so many lives: children, families and staff.”

    2. “The students and Montessori method (done the right way at Apple!) is nothing short of impressive!”

    3. “It is amazing to see the children learn and grow each day, and to have a hand in assisting them to do so.”

    4. “I enjoy coming to work every day, feeling valued as an employee and as part of a team.”

    5. “I felt like Apple became my home away from home. I made great friendships and relationships with the Apple staff that I am happy to say will be life-long friends.”

    6. “Not only is it a school where children learn and thrive academically and socially but employees do too.”

    7. “Apple Montessori provides wonderful training opportunities, mentor and mentee relationships, and supportive benefits and wellness programs for its employees.”

    8. “This is a company with excellent leadership that empowers women. It is a leader in early education and example of high standards.”

    9. “I love my job and when I started I was only part time they saw that I was able to accomplish a lot and now I am full time and turned it into a career. I am very happy here. This is family owned for many years and they love what they do.”

    10. “It is the first time in 15 years that I like what I do. It’s challenging and fun.”


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