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Toddler old

Ages 18 months to 2 years
  • Insightful guidance as they grow

    The emphasis during the toddler stage is on building self-confidence and fostering the natural curiosity that toddlers possess. Songs, stories, simple materials, a gentle pace, and a deep respect for each child ensure that your toddler will truly love his or her school environment and, from that, develop a deep and long lasting love for learning.

  • “It is necessary, then, to give the child the possibility of developing according to the laws of his nature, so that he can become strong, and, having become strong, can do even more than we dared hope for him.” ~Maria Montessori
  • Partners in your child’s care

    At all levels of toddler care, we believe that clear communications between the teacher and the parents is essential for the child’s well-being but this is particularly important during the toddler years when children reach and surpass so many milestones in their development.

    We use an email notification program to keep you up to date, daily, on your child’s activities, explorations, and accomplishments. We welcome you to rely on our toddler care experience as a resource.

  • Classroom

    The toddler classroom is specifically designed to provide a beautiful, nurturing environment as a home away from home. The furniture is child-sized and the materials are meticulously maintained and carefully chosen to meet your child’s developmental needs. All materials are sanitized several times a week in our state-of-the-art sanitizing machine to prevent the spread of germs. Personal items such as nap pads, diapers, and spare clothing are stored separately and never shared among children.

    The room are well lit and fully-equipped with areas for group and individual activities, large and small motor development, and quiet and active areas. All games and materials have a specific place because order provides a sense of security. Children can always find the material or activity they love and learn to be responsible for replacing each item to its place when finished. They can move freely and independently through the room without needing to rely on an adult to help them find the game they are seeking. Movement is built into the day for their active bodies. Lifting, walking, carrying, and sitting in connection with their “work” is a deliberate and well thought out way to enhance body awareness and self-control.

  • Activities

    Children spend their day in a mix of individual and group activities. Each day includes line time for songs, stories, or sound cards, art and music experiences happen daily, and children are free to choose individual materials that they might work with at a table or on a mat on the floor.

    Some of the areas in the room are designed to draw children in and to encourage them to stay awhile which builds their ability to concentrate and focus while they are having fun. Some of these areas include a rice table, the art easel, ball tracking games, and dish washing.

  • Baby yoga and food tasting

    We offer “baby yoga” which improves strength, flexibility and coordination and baby sign language which enhances brain development among other benefits. Baby Signs helps the child realize that he or she can communicate needs, feelings, and desires to the adults around them. Research has shown that children who come to understand this fundamental concept of communication tend to start talking earlier, develop bigger vocabularies, and even exhibit enhanced cognitive abilities into their elementary school years and beyond.

    A few times a week, the teacher will invite the children to examine apples, kiwis, peppers, cheeses, or other foods. The children watch as she peels, slices, or otherwise prepares the food. Good manners are practiced as the food is offered to each child who may say “thank you” or “no thank you.” Children take turns passing out napkins or plates and the entire experience is amazing to watch. We find that this activity alone greatly helps get those fussy eaters, as so many toddlers are, to try and learn to love many new foods!

  • Schedule

    The daily toddler program schedule is intentionally unobtrusive and provides plenty of opportunities for learning, cuddling, napping, or socializing. Children spend time both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting), and the teachers are well-qualified to observe and respect the individual needs and temperaments of each child.

    Full time and part time classes are available year round. See Our Locations for availability.

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