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The Next Step

  • After Apple: The Next Step…Apple and Beyond

    The ability to instill a passion for learning in our students is a gift that keeps on giving. Our students leave Apple with a thirst for knowledge, the ability to ask challenging questions, and the drive to answer them. This passion, paired with a strong academic foundation and life skills for tomorrow, allows students the foundation to secure a strong academic future. It is their abilities in the classroom that make them ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Finally, while Apple nurtures children’s passion it is our job to tap into their strengths.

    We offer them perspective on how they can touch the world, examining their Cosmic Task. It is these cornerstones that allow our children to be so successful, not only in their academic life, but in a more global way. Our children remain confident leaders who seek happiness and work for the greater good. When we hear of their activities today, one theme stands out: our students have had the courage, the drive and the abilities to choose and follow their dreams.

    Because of the strong foundation offered to our students their potential is immeasurable. Many of our students find themselves at the finest middle and secondary institutions in the state. Many students are accepted to both day and boarding schools and have the ability to choose which to attend. Students who move into public schools find themselves in rigorous honors programs and AP classes.

    Counseling Sessions:

    As students end their time in Upper School here at Apple, families begin to think about what happens “After Apple”. Administrators and teachers help guide families in choosing the best school for their child. Families sit down for counseling sessions and are guided through the entire admissions process.

    Families must consider many factors in this process including: coed or single gender, boarding school or day school, travel time, extra-curricular opportunities including sports and clubs, academic opportunities, and rigor.

    Even after students leave, we maintain relationships with our students. Many students find their way back to Apple sharing great stories of their successes in life. We always enjoy hearing their favorite memories from their experience here.

    Where your child attends middle school and high school will have a direct impact on where your son or daughter attends college and have an impact on the rest of his or her life. That is why Apple Montessori Elementary School is committed to helping you through this process. As you approach the end of your Apple years, teachers and administrators will meet with you and your child to help you understand the different options and roads that lay ahead.

    There are many factors to consider when making this decision some of which include: Co-ed or single gender, boarding school or day school, travel time, extra-curricular opportunities including sports and clubs, academic opportunities and rigor.

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