• The Kindergarten Year

    Discover how the kindergarten year at Apple can set students on a lifelong path of happiness and success
  • Highlights of Apple Montessori for the Kindergarten Year:


    • Learning is hands-on and individualized, allowing children to learn at their own pace. There is no “average” student in our classrooms, every child is a unique individual and we respect that fact.
    • Proprietary reading program builds strong readers. Our Kindergartners, on average, score two grade levels ahead on standardized tests given their Kindergarten year on language, reading comprehension and math.
    • Kindergarteners are the leaders of the class. In our mixed-age classrooms, the older children are able to set the example and mentor the younger children. 
    • Nurturing the whole child. We help children recognize that they have gifts to offer in making the world a better place. We focus on character development, including grace and courtesy lessons. public speaking, and celebrating diversity and all cultures.
  • Montessori vs Traditional Schools

    Below are some of the differences for children in both settings

  • Montessori

    • Environment and Method encourage self-discipline
    • Mainly individual instruction
    • Mixed-age groups
    • Child influences work plan
    • Child discovers concepts from self-teaching materials
  • Traditional

    • The teacher acts as primary enforcer or disciplinary
    • The group with limited individual instruction
    • Same age groupings
    • The curriculum is structured for all the children
    • The child is guided to concepts by the teacher
  • Profile of an Apple Kindergartner 

    The Apple Kindergarten Graduate will carry with them a solid Montessori approach to learning.  They will continue to foster a student-led learning style that has sparked joy, curiosity, and an inspiration to inquire. 


    • Be able to read with fluency at least at first-grade level
    • Have a strong sense of numbers
    • Be exposed to four operations in math
    • Understand the fundamental attributes of two and three-dimensional geometrical figures
    • Understand of the passage of time and how we measure it (Years, months, weeks, the clock)
    • Be comfortable in speaking before a group and be able to get one’s point across
    • Be able to organize their thoughts and write a personal narrative
    • Have fundamental skills in spelling and punctuation in writing
    • Be aware of the globe and world maps and be able to identify continents and oceans
    • Understand that earth is made up of air, land, and water
    • Be exposed to cultures around the world
    • Understand the difference between living and nonliving
    • Be able to identify the planets of the solar system
    • Develop scientific skills through comparing and contrasting activities
    • Understand the concept of a lifecycle in living organisms
    • Have basic computer skills and be able to use technology programs available in the classroom
    • Be exposed to fundamental Spanish language terminology and aware that there are people in the world who speak many different languages
    • Be exposed to various artists and musicians to develop appreciation and awareness
    • Be able to solve interpersonal problems using conflict resolution, self-regulation, mindfulness, and peace education awareness and techniques that have been taught and incorporated into the school environment
    • Be able to solve academic problems by seeking sources, asking for guidance, and sharing knowledge with peers
    • Apply their knowledge, make generalizations, and accommodate new information
    • See connections between ideas
    • Value what they know and understand that there is more to learn
    • Seek new knowledge
    • Succeed at first-grade skills

    Personal Virtues:
    • Self-awareness
    • Self-control
    • Responsibility
    • Confidence
    • Independence
    • Initiative
    • Curiosity
    • Adaptability
    • Productivity

    Interpersonal Virtues:
    • Tolerance
    • Empathy
    • Respect for others
    • Conflict resolution
    • Leadership
    • Listening Skills
    • Assertiveness

    Global Citizenship:
    • Acceptance of Others
    • Understanding of the world around us
    • Commitment to help and serve others

    • “Our daughter is in kindergarten and can pick any book off our shelf and start reading it herself. My children have gained self-confidence and autonomy. The school provides a holistic curriculum, fostering the children’s natural learning of academics, art, and self-esteem.”

    • “We could not have chosen a better school for our child. Apple Montessori Schools not only provided a great academic foundation, a number of stimulating extracurricular activities and a great summer camp, but a warm and loving environment to thrive in!”

    • “We could not believe how much our son changed after being at Apple Montessori School. He started as a shy child, not wanting to participate, afraid to raise his hand. He graduated Kindergarten as a confident assertive student with a great love of learning. We will be eternally grateful to the school, for the great experiences offered to our child; truly a once and a lifetime opportunity.”

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