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The Five Pillars

  • Nurturing the whole child: The five pillars 

    We are devoted to nurturing the whole child – intellectually, socially, emotionally, and beyond. It is the core of all we do. By recognizing that no two children are the same, our approach cultivates the unique potential of each and every child in a caring, safe, and supportive school environment. Scientific research confirms that Montessori children have an advantage not only academically, but also in social and emotional development. This is how we do it:


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  • Intellectually

    • Well-rounded, highly integrated geography, history, language, math, and technology curriculum sets the foundation for a lifetime of school success
    • Art, music and drama enrichment promote an understanding and appreciation for the arts
    • Proven phonics reading program helps most children learn to read by the age of 4
    • Sensorial lessons strengthen the five senses while developing classification and discrimination skills
    • Materials and activities covering a five year span allow children to work at the pace and level best suited for their individual interests and abilities
    • Our highly credentialed and trained staff participates in continuing education programs to ensure your child gets the very best educational experience
    • Special events and activities such as our International Week and Science Fair expand children’s minds and horizons

    Nurture, encourage, support, guide

    Loving care and gentle stimulation to nurture growth, self-esteem, creativity, self-discipline, independence

    Providing a two to five year span of materials and activities allows each child to work at the pace and level best suited for their individual interests and abilities.

    Child chooses own work and follows own passions

    Sense of accomplishment fuels future success

    3 year cycle – fosters relationship building with other children and teachers

    Multi-age classrooms encourages children to teach and help each other

    Older children inspire and guide younger students; gain confidence by becoming classroom leaders

    Younger students look to older students as role models and dynamic helps them visualize their future learning path.

    Span of ages and learning materials lets children find peers with whom they share interests.

    Ample opportunity for meaningful social interactions during group time, meals, playground time

    Safety and security

    – Enforce security procedures of the State of New Jersey, New Jersey School Safety Security best practices
    – Advanced surveillance systems with live video monitoring to view your child’s classroom
    – Security code and fingerprint entry technology, the industry standard per best practices
    – Playgrounds equipped with perimeter fencing, cell phone and two-way radio capabilities
    – Fire drills and lock downs conducted monthly
    -CPR and first aid-certified lead teachers

    Physical education
    Rounds out our healthy minds, healthy body approach

    • Fine and gross motor skills exercised through

    • Recess and physical education plus extra-curricular activities: Utilizes the large groups of muscles in arm and leg movements like running, jumping, dancing and manipulations such as throwing, catching and kicking can help children to move more easily, have confidence in their abilities and lay the foundation for health benefits as we develop active habits.

    Multi-sensory Montessori materials encourage physical exploration

    Builds strong character and ethically responsible behavior.

    Introduces children to a set of shared values and ideals such as grace and courtesy, as well as respect and kindness for others.

    Good manners

    Focuses on traits of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship

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