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Teacher Appreciation Week

May 26, 2017

Our Teachers Love What They Do

May 8th to May 12th was National Teacher Appreciation Week, and we want to thank all of the parents who took the time to share their appreciation in so many ways. Our teachers and teacher assistants are the heart and soul of what we do, and we are so grateful for their passion and dedication. Day after day, they find new ways – big and small – to nurture, inspire, and connect with their students like knowing just what to say when a child isn’t feeling well or guiding them to those exciting breakthrough “I did it!” moments.

But we could never say it better than the teachers themselves. Here, several of our teachers tell us why they love what they do.


Mrs. Winkler, Teacher, Kinnelon, 31 years

What do you love most about the Montessori style of teaching? I truly believe that the Montessori method is able to reach every child.  It is hands on, it allows the child to grow naturally.  A child has so many different means to achieve a goal.  It is such a spectacular sight to watch a child from the age of two go through so many explorations of life and leave us with enough knowledge to enter a world that can be challenging at times.  Their heads are held high and they persevere through each challenge.

What do you love most about working with children? Every day is a new beginning for them.  They walk into the classroom as fresh as a Spring shower.  They truly are innocent humans that just want to be loved and protected.  Those smiles, those eyes, those dimples, those hugs and kisses make each day worth being in the classroom.  No matter what happens they rely on us to be there for them.  They trust implicitly.  Making a difference or just being there for them is what brings me to this job.


Ms. Toledo, Teacher, Mahwah, 6 years

What do you love most about the Montessori teaching style? The Structure. Working in the infant room people tend to think children just eat, play, and sleep all day. Our materials are designed to teach the infants how to use their language, gross & fine motor skills, etc. Repetition is key! Stacking rings are just not a material of just putting rings on a rod, an infant will begin to learn problem solving skills & hand eye coordination. Seeing an infant being able to accomplish this is very rewarding.

What do you love most about working with children? I chose the education field because I love making an impact in a child’s life. Seeing them reach new milestones gives me such fulfillment and happiness, just as if I were their own parent witnessing it for the first time.


Ms. Rodriguez, Teacher, Edison, 13 years

What do you love most about the Montessori teaching style? As a Montessori parent and teacher, I can honestly say that I fell in love with Montessori at first sight. Over the years, I’ve watched my children benefit in so many ways because of their educational experiences. Their love for learning, academic abilities, compassion and self-motivation are all qualities they attained from this amazing form of learning. Here are some reasons why I think Montessori sets itself apart from other ways of learning: It fosters independence. Learning is actually fun. It meets children were they are (as an individual).

What do you love most about working with children? There are thousands of reasons why l love working with children! I think helping children and their families is the best job in the world. Children motivate me to be a better person. I learn from the children I’m working with every day! Helping children learn and being able to see their little faces when they have accomplished something is the most rewarding job I can think of!

Ms. Valladares, Teacher, Hoboken, 7 years

What do you love most about the Montessori teaching style? I love that I can teach independence at such young ages. I love seeing the children accomplish so much in the toddler years and flourish when they go into preschool.

What do you love most about working with children? I love being able to be with children all day. They make me happy.

Parents, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

We want to thank the parents who took the time during National Teacher Appreciation Week to write to us on Yelp and other online platforms and tell us what they think of their children’s teachers. It meant so much to us and our team has been all smiles reading through them, like this one we got from Jordyn’s mom from Edgewater:

“It’s been only 8 months since Jordyn has enrolled in your classroom, and in her heart, you are a part of her family.  Every night before bedtime, we sing a song that encompasses all the people close in her life, and you are a critical component in that song 🙂 And so is Mrs. M, Ms. Bermudez, and Ms. Rodriguez 🙂   I am amazed every day at how much personal attention, dedication, and love you give my daughter, and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.”

Thank you, Jordyn’s mom! We’re all very happy to be a part of Jordyn’s family, too!

We also put together a brief Teacher Appreciation video montage. See if you can spot your child’s teacher!

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