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  • montessori summer camp Why Our Families love Apple Montessori Summer Camp


    ” (..) Academically, socially, and everything in the middle- really a great school. The summer program is great too, with daily swim and activities. Everyone is so pleasant and loving, our kids are blossoming too.”

    ~Rona L. 

    “My daughter Ella has been going to summer camp here 3 days a week and so far these guys have their act together. Its also big shoes to fill because my daughter attends another program that she LOVES! So far Apple Montessori Has been jam-packed with activities for the kids from swimming to cooking. I am also VERY happy with the fact that all the camp counselors seem to know my daughter and really pay attention to the things she likes. We plan on attending the program part-time in September and hope its this good.”

    ~Avalene R., 5 stars, Yelp

    “Summer camp — this school has 2 POOLS! Swimming lessons are included in their summer camp which is AMAZING. No need for extra swim classes! You also have the option to sign the kids up for enrichment programs during school so they retain, enforce and continue their academics during the summer months. “

    ~Tina C., 5 stars, Yelp

    “Apple Montessori camp is wonderful, and the entire staff is friendly and well trained. The activities are fun and educational. Swimming instructors are interactive with kids, and makes swimming fun! My daughter absolutely loves this school!!”

    ~Ben F., 5 stars

    “Greatest Montessori School ever! Reading program is amazing! Camp is super fun and children learn as much in the summer as they do during the year while having a great time! I would like to recommend this school to everyone.”

    Regalado, 5 stars

    “We consider ourselves to be one of Apple Montessori’s biggest fans! It was love at first sight! In May of this year, my husband and I brought our four-year-old son into the Wayne facility to inquire about the pre-school program. We were so impressed with what they had to offer that we could not wait until September to start! So we enrolled in summer camp and have been attending ever since! We are so comforted knowing our son is with such professional, loving, friendly people and is experiencing the best academic program available!”

    AlwaysRunning (Google user), 5 stars

    “My oldest daughter Hailey LOVES the Oakland Camp. She is always so excited to go and comes home excited to tell us about her day. She was very enthusiastic about swimming and learning the different strokes. She keeps asking to attend for more weeks next year. My youngest daughter, Jordan is a different story. She cried every day we dropped her off but the teacher/counselors were all so great about taking her by the hand. I heard she cried throughout the day but then I saw pictures of her participating so that made me feel better. I do love your pictures…. It eased my worries on whether or not she cried all day or if she participated or sat in the corner. I like that you incorporate learning activities every day and keep their minds thinking. I do LOVE the summer homework program where they will work on any homework/reading that was sent home at the end of the school year. Thank you for taking good care of my daughters and showing them how to have fun and learn at the same time.”

    Devo K., 5 Stars

    “Our entire family has noticed a change in Giuliana’s happiness and behavior in the two weeks she’s been attending camp. The structure and activity combined with the friendly teachers, students, and staff is without a doubt the reason for this positive change. We are thrilled that we made the decision to enroll Giuliana in Apple Montessori for summer camp and look forward to the fall pre-school program as well.”

    Rbecz B., 5 stars

    “My son loves going to camp. Every time we pass by whether it be at night or over the weekend he always says, mommy / daddy – there is my camp! I also enjoy getting the pictures taken during the day. They allow me to go home at night and ask him direct questions about what he did during the day, it allows me to know what he is doing at camp in a good way, it keeps me connected if you will.”

    Violet F., 5 Stars

    The staff is warm and friendly, they feel like a second family. I always have peace of mind sending Dante to school. The curriculum is wonderful, and Dante has really blossomed! He loves science, as well as summer camp and swim lessons are amazing. We love everything about the school.

    Bytec M., 5 stars

    The administration, teachers, and programs are all wonderful! We are so happy to have enrolled our son here. Our son is always up and ready to go to school with a smile. The camp is also wonderful, and highly recommended!

    Bucklan, 5 Stars

    Great school for children from birth to 6 years old. My first child attended Apple and he was surpassing all of his cousins by the time he was 4 he was reading. I am so happy that there is an Apple Montessori School in Hoboken now my second child will be able to also follow in his brother’s footsteps! So excited to have a great summer camp for my children. Montessori enrichment during the summertime who can ask for anything else?

    Kerri G., 5 Stars

    School is very clean, and camp is organized. I love their summer staff because they are very good at what they do.

    Glen B., 5 Stars

    I wanted to forward along comments about the summer camp in Oakland. Please note that my son Paul really likes the school, teachers, and activities. We plan on sending him to the school in September. Based on my wife’s feedback, we are both happy with the school and results.

    Greta P., 5 Stars





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