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Summer Camp at Apple

Ages 2 to 12 years
  • With over 45 years of experience, we know what children love most and how they learn best. Apple Summer Camp keeps children engaged while having FUN with daily swim, events, excursions, art, science, music and so much more! In true Montessori fashion, we not only inspire a love of learning at every turn, we  incorporate STEAM so campers begin to ASK, IMAGINE, PLAN, CREATE AND IMPROVE at camp and beyond.  

    We welcome you to explore our before and after camp program to learn about our extra-curricular and enrichment programs. Many of our locations offer infant and toddler programs which are year-round to ensure your child benefits from the consistency of routine with our nurturing educators.  

  • Summer Swimmers

    Our certified lifeguards and aquatics instructors use Apple’s unique approach to foster each child’s swimming abilities and pace. Within each small group lesson, each teacher is trained to target the skills each particular child needs to acquire. Our curriculum covers four levels of swimming from Level 1, Swimming Readiness, through Level 4, Stroke Development and Enhancement.

    Learn more about our swim curriculum and unique pool design.

  • Junior Scientists

    Science, the study of the natural world, fascinates children and we make the most of that wonder by exploring the world around us indoors and out. Campers may plant and tend to their own gardens, explore the phenomenon of exploding chalk or learn about the importance of recycling as they make paper from scratch. The mind of a curious child is like a sponge, and we foster that curiosity each week with unique, hands- on activities and lab experiments.

  • Tech Time

    This cutting-edge, innovative program puts technology to work for your child. It enhances your child’s knowledge with the use of technology-based lesson plans delivered via the Fastrack learning station. Campers interact with the equipment including a Smart Board. They follow up with a hands-on activity that relates to the lesson and develop their critical thinking, as well as public speaking skills, while raising their I.Q. Learn more.

  • Creative Kids

    Our summer art projects are designed for each individual age group to challenge the imagination! Campers explore materials and techniques while practicing their skills in cutting, painting, and creating. Our oldest campers enjoy making projects they can use, like fabric painted tote bags or sun visors. There is something for the artist in everyone at Apple!

  • Montessori Connection

    Montessori Connection can stop your child from suffering the “summer learning slump.” These sessions can help by: Minimizing learning loss; beating the summer slump; increasing reading skills with a summer reading emphasis; enhancing comprehension with individualized instruction; and increasing math and writing skills. Learn more.

  • Shining Stars

    Children have an inborn ability to sing and move to music! Through theme based lesson plans our happy campers will learn new songs, stories and movements as they develop their listening skills and love of music! They will experience every genre from classical to Pop. They may even create instruments to play in their own marching band. Our older summer program campers especially love to learn new dances. Some past favorites are the Twist, Bunny Hop, Limbo, Macarena, and, of course, the Chicken Dance!

  • Young Chefs

    The science of cooking is fascinating to all children. They love to see their cupcakes double in size as they bake in the oven, or watch as Jell-O turns from a liquid into a giggly solid. Most of all they love to get into the kitchen and cook like real chefs! Look out Emeril and Rachel, we have some budding chefs of our own in Apple’s kitchen. Your child will create his or her own healthy food treats to take home for you to taste. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! All summer camp kids will also create their own fruit smoothie and participate in fruit smoothie socials. (We will adapt the recipes for children with food allergies, whenever possible). Bon Appetit!

  • Get Moving

    Many of Apple’s state of the art facilities offer a regular size gymnasium, a multi-sport playing field, and/or a sports court. Summer program counselors promote fitness and movement as they introduce the campers to daily games and activities. The children develop large and small motor skills as they run, hop, skip, and jump. The fun continues as they develop spatial awareness and balance through cooperative games like kickball and obstacle course relay races. The older campers enjoy practicing their throwing, catching, and dribbling abilities as they develop good sportsmanship skills. Bike Day is a favorite as the campers bring bikes, trikes, and even big wheels to ride at camp!

  • Play Time

    Apple’s camp playgrounds offer age appropriate equipment for children to climb, swing, and slide on. The equipment is designed to enhance each child’s individual skills and abilities, while promoting free play and socialization. The playgrounds have synthetic grass play surfaces with underlying shock-absorbing pads for safety. The Bike Rodeo that takes place on the playground is a favorite as the children bring bikes, trikes, and even big wheels to ride at summer session!

  • Field Trips

    We pride ourselves on giving campers a well-rounded experience and we do so on and off-site. We especially love destinations that offer hands-on learning or further develop physical and social skills.  All children who attend our summer program camp full day and are pre-k and older enjoy favorites like the zoo, mini-golf, bounce house and children’s museums. Favorites amongst our elementary aged summer program campers were a trip to see a professional baseball game and of course rock climbing!

  • In-House Events

    An In House Event is when the “field trip” comes to Apple! All ages, 2 thru 14, may participate in these events. We have been visited by a petting zoo which includes a pony ride, the Reptile Man who brings outrageous reptiles, and of course, a wacky magician. Some of our annual favorites are the carnival rides and slides, and the snow cone making machine, and cotton candy days! Preschool of Rock is another favorite. Our elementary aged summer camp participants loved participating in a real live game show!

  • Theme Weeks

    Our Theme Weeks promote camp spirit and participation as campers wear their favorite sports t-shirt or their pajamas to camp! An annual counselor and camper favorite is, “wear your Halloween costume day”!! Campers look forward to our unique theme weeks every summer! (Our summer camp calendars and email reminders help busy parents stay organized!)

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