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Special Projects

Grades 1-6
  • An inside look at the elementary experience
  • Map Scale

    Students learned map scale in Cultural Club by tracing each continent on graph paper then numbering each 1 cm square. Then they duplicated the lines of the continent from our small squares onto 9 inch squares of colored paper. Finally, they put the large squares together like a jigsaw puzzle which made the larger continents.

  • Mycology

    You can find fungi everywhere! Did you know there are 99,000 known species of fungi in the world? Some may be disgusting, some can taste great and some can even save your life! We made a spore print using our mushrooms that were found in the woods. Fungi fun!!

  • Educational Field Trip

    We explored the Great Swamp thanks to the Watershed Association. A watershed is a geographical area in which all of the streams flow into a single body of water. This Great Swamp watershed that we were so lucky to visit, covers nearly 35,000 acres. We learned about the abundance of plant and animal species that call the Greet Swamp their home.

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