Professional Development & Training

  • Professional Development

    Professional development days (PDD) are held three times per year. Events like this promote teamwork, build skills and knowledge, and reignite our passion to always do our best for our students and their families. Schedules and agendas vary, but at our latest PDD, the President of Apple kicked off the event with an inspiring talk centered around our mission statement, then thanked every individual at Apple Montessori for their valuable contributions. Learn more.

    Apple Academy Continuing Education

    Apple Montessori Schools has one of the most sought after continuing education training and advancement programs and it is school funded. You will receive ongoing training and professional development opportunities year after year to strengthen your knowledge in early childhood education. 



    Additional Training and Seminars

    A variety of opportunities are available and may include topics such as:

    • Safe Schools: New Jersey Department of Education’s “Keeping our Kids Safe in School – Child Abuse, Missing Child, 4 Module Program” which includes police procedures, identifying symptoms of abuse and reporting requirements.
    • Monthly Training Drills: Monthly safety training drills are conducted to ensure preparedness in fire emergencies, lock-down situations, and intruder drills.
    • Positive Parenting: Topics include Child Abuse, Dealing with Tantrums, and Principles of Behavior.
    • Child Development Academic Courses: Selected staff members from each school take part in a series of nationally accredited Child Development academic courses such as “Many Ways to Learn” and “Principals in Child Development and Learning”.  Information is shared with colleagues throughout the year at various Professional Development seminars

    … and much more! Learn more here.

    We value our team members perspectives, and your ideas and suggestions are always welcome.


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