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Staying Ahead with Professional Development

January 26, 2017

As your child’s teacher thrives, so does your child

The many benefits of Apple Montessori’s Professional Development Program

Guiding the development of children is a great responsibility, one that we take very seriously. That’s why we place such a heavy emphasis on continuing education, training and professional development to make sure our team is at their best.

Professional Development Days (PDDs), held three times a year, are specialized training sessions focused on Apple Montessori’s curriculum and the latest developments in the field of early education. They equip our teachers with the best tools, techniques, and skills to help your child reach his or her fullest potential.

January’s Professional Development Day

Our latest PDD for preschool teachers was held just last month. Here are the improvements we focused on during this session:

What’s Working Session

Experts on various topics provide answers to common questions, address classroom challenges, and share new and refreshing ideas for bringing the classroom experience to the next level.

Yoga (program to be introduced to preschool this year)

Apple Montessori takes a “whole child” approach to teaching, which means that we help our students develop emotionally, not just intellectually. One way we do that is through our “Breath. Move. Meditate.” yoga and mindfulness program. By learning how to incorporate yoga into the curriculum, our teachers can provide your child a way to find emotional balance, improve focus and concentration, and learn the value of patience and reflection.

Using Sensorial Materials to Teach Math

Because it’s so abstract, math is a notoriously difficult subject for young children to grasp. That’s why our teachers have been learning ways to take the abstract and make it concrete. Children learn through their senses, so we have developed multi-sensory activities to help them understand mathematical concepts. Whether it’s using real world experiences to help them “visualize” a mathematical problem or using shapes to convey ideas relevant to geometry, these activities ensure that the students will be comfortable and familiar with the more complicated concepts they’ll be learning in later years.

Policies and Procedures

Your child’s safety is what matters most to you, and we consider it the most important part of our job. We used the Personal Development Day as an opportunity to go over our safety and medical policies and procedures. We also used a quiz game activity to refresh and reinforce the information we covered.

Team Building

Team building is a feature of every PDD session. It’s so important to the continued success of Apple and its students. Coming together every few months allows the teachers to build a real sense of community throughout the school. Not only does that help them feel engaged in their work, it also means they know who they can turn to for assistance and teaching advice.

Professional Development for Teachers of Infants and Toddlers

We also hold separate PDD sessions for staff that teach infants and toddlers. During our last one, our team members used a matching game to link developmental milestones to the age at which children typically reach them, along with their categories (social/emotional, cognitive, movement, and so on).

While we know how important professional development is, we also know it’s not the whole picture. Our team members are warm, caring and committed to making each child feel happy, safe and fulfilled.
If you wish to learn more about our training programs, please visit this page for a summary.



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