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Preschoolers Plan the Perfect Father's Day

May 24, 2016

Every year, staff and students work together to create a very special celebration for our moms and dads at our schools. Last week, our Mother’s Day Tea was a big hit. It was an exciting and emotional day. We loved seeing so many smiling faces and how much the children loved sharing how they feel about their moms.

Our Father’s Day Ice Cream Social is approaching in June. To help you plan the perfect Father’s Day at home, our staff came up with some very creative ideas that your little ones will love as well.


Mrs. Vega, one of our teachers, did something like this for her own children to give to her husband on Father’s Day.


Ms. Kilduff suggests: Make a theme day – Does he love baseball, basketball, etc.?  Have the kids make him his own team jersey, then go to the park together and play the sport he loves. The kids can make team water bottles to bring along. Mom can get involved as the umpire, referee, etc.

After playing, enjoy a sports themed snack that was prepared ahead of time – a cake decorated like a football field, trail mix made of all baseball shaped goodies, energy bars that the athletes eat, whatever dad loves!  All athletes need to be pampered, so make sure to rub dad’s shoulders.


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Ms. Marte and Mrs. Bagnato gave us these and other craft ideas (click for more) that they love for Father’s Day.


Mrs. Kotoulas suggests:

  1. Planting or watering the garden
  2. Getting ice cream before the barbecue
  3. Playing miniature golf
  4. Going for a bike ride
  5. Going on a hike
Morris Plains

Mrs. Crump opts for Barbeque and boating – the perfect Father’s Day!


Ms. Caroli says, “In my family, my father gets a mug with a current picture of his grandchildren on it and he displays them in the kitchen. For Mother’s Day, my Mom get a customized calendar with pictures of the family. Both of them look forward to their gift each year to remember the great memories throughout the year. ”


Mrs. Furchak & Ms. Tully suggest planning a 1/2 & 1/2 day Father’s Day: 1/2 the day with his kids, 1/2 the day with his buddies.

First 1/2:  Plan for mom to take the kids out so he can have his best buddies come over to watch their favorite sports game. Give him and his buddies some male bonding/sports time! Get some chips, guacamole, chicken wings and his favorite cold beverage.

Second 1/2: Plan a favorite outing with his child/children. This could be a fishing trip, watching a batman movie together, going to a Yankees game, or any type of outing that is a favorite to both of them. Get a disposable camera for the child. He can take pictures of them both, as a keepsake.


Ms. Zarro says a perfect Father’s day would be breakfast in bed and then going to a baseball game with the family: enjoying each other, having fun and creating memories.


Ms. Waibel shares that, “We love to go to a local park and be active. We start off with a hike through the woods, then a picnic and finally a few hours of fishing.  The children love to yell “FISH ON” and get their hands dirty touching the worms and fish!  Dad loves it too!”

However you decide to spend the day, it’s all about fun and family time. Lazy or active, you’ll make memories that will stay in your family’s hearts for years to come.

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