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October Professional Development Day

October 27, 2017

Special thanks to our guest writer Ms. Bagnato, Director and Training Coordinator

When our team excels, your child excels!

Professional development ensures that educators continue to strengthen their expertise throughout their career. Education is a never-ending process. It does not stop after earning a degree and beginning a career. Through continuing education, career-minded individuals can continually improve their skills and become more proficient in their roles. In the field of early childhood education, it is particularly important for school administrators to encourage teachers to engage in professional development, not only to ensure the best learning outcomes for their students, but also to be more effective and feel gratified in various aspects of their work. The most effective professional development engages teams of teachers to focus on the needs of their students. They learn and problem solve together in order to ensure all students achieve success.

Yoga and Mindfulness

This month’s professional development covered an array of topics. Our team participated in YOGA to assist in enduring understandings on how to create a calm and quiet space using breathing techniques to balance stress and energy levels. They were introduced to Yoga asanas (poses) to create space, balance, and strength from the inside out. The class ended with the practice of meditation to demonstrate clearing the mind, cultivating self-love, and creating compassion.

Character Development

Our character development program strives to help children develop healthy ways of sharing their feelings and resolving conflicts. Children are encouraged to develop their character while cultivating ethical and responsible behavior. We accomplish this each day in our classrooms as we introduce your children to a set of shared values and ideas. We focused on the development of personal skills and virtues including concentration, perseverance, helpfulness, patience, respect, responsibility, and self-discipline. Interpersonal skills included affirmation, conflict resolution, leadership, listening skills, problem solving, and assertiveness. Global citizenship entailed acceptance of others, understanding the world around us, and a commitment to help and serve others. Delving onto the program as a whole, it is not a set of lessons, but a way of life. It is a multifaceted program including the classroom itself, curriculum, and programs we offer. It encompasses all aspects of the school’s culture and climate.


In FasTrackKids, the team participated in the upcoming economics curriculum for November and December. Ideas for extra activities were shared and included collaborative efforts from the teams for implementation. The lessons that were introduced demonstrated the world of economics using simple stories and fun illustrations. The awareness of the basic concepts of bartering and purchasing showed how these concepts effect the student’s everyday lives. Through stories and role-playing, students will be exposed to the impact of purchasing choices and how they affect the economic situations of their families and themselves. (Contact your school if you are interested in enrolling in this gifted and talented e-learning program).

Reading and Language Arts

Some of MANY activities and lessons presented in Reading Group included dictation in multiple forms, homework samples, and much more. Staff participated in role-playing activities simulating lessons one would present in reading group. Reading groups assist in the reinforcement of developmental concepts and skill sets to a specific small group of children. The team was exposed to the useful tools that can help build language proficiency.

All in all, it was a productive and inspiring day. We look forward to passing along all that we learned to your children!

Learn more about our professional development and training program:

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