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Observations and Conferences

  • Parent Observation Week

    October is an exciting time here at Apple Montessori. Parents look forward to seeing their child’s school experience first-hand during Parent Observation Week. Observations will run in 20 minute segments. You may observe any classroom, not only your own child’s. While observing, please do not engage the children or the teacher in conversation. Something to consider: a child who is very young or new to the school may not be ready to have a parent watch in the classroom, so please check with your teacher for recommendations.

    Parent / Teacher Conferences

    Parent / Teacher Conferences run in 15 minute segments. Both daytime and evening time slots are available. We hope that both parents can be present for the child’s conference. Please make arrangements for your child to be cared for at home, as the conference is for the parents and teacher only. Finally, we want to be respectful of all our families’ schedules so arriving more than 5 minutes late for your scheduled time will require your meeting to be rescheduled for another day. 

    What Might You Ask During the Parent / Teacher Conferences?
    • How does my child’s development compare to others his/her age?
    • What can I be doing at home to support the schools’ efforts?
    • What are his/her most notable strengths?
    • What are his/her most notable areas of interest?
    • What are areas of concern?
    • How is he/she challenged? Is he/she overwhelmed or adjusting well?
    • How does he/she relate to other children in the classroom?

    We hope everyone has an enlightening and informative classroom observation and parent/teacher conference!

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