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Middle States Commission on Higher Education Recommendation

December 20, 2017
Apple Receives Recommendation for Accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education!

Apple has recently received a recommendation for accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The official announcement will likely take place in April, but we are simply too excited to wait until then to share the news!

After evaluating Apple Montessori’s schools, the Middle States visiting team has deemed our program highly successful and commended us on our quality team and our students’ learning and development outcomes.

This recommendation means that Apple not only delivers an exceptional education, but takes steps to continuously improve and reach new heights.

12 Standards for Accreditation

So, what did it take for our schools to receive this recommendation? Accreditation decisions are made primarily on the basis of 12 standards, having to do with everything from curriculum and educational program to staff and safety.

To get to this point, Apple had to meet the following standards and demonstrate them to the Middle States Commission.

  1. Mission – The school’s mission displays universal respect and a commitment to student learning
  2. Governance & Leadership – The school’s governing body and leaders act strategically and cooperatively to make quality educational resources available and ensure a positive learning environment
  3. School Improvement & Planning – The school has in place a strategic and data-driven plan to continue enhancing student performance, growing, and improving in a sustainable way
  4. Finances – The school is financially healthy and has the resources it needed to bring its mission to life and make its strategic plan a reality
  5. Facilities – The school’s facilities are safe, clean, and provide a good environment conducive to learning and other activities
  6. School Organization & Staff – The school’s organization supports the school’s mission, and its staff are qualified and routinely provided with professional development opportunities
  7. Health & Safety – The school’s policies, procedures, and emergency response measures ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for its students
  8. Educational Program – The school’s curriculum and instruction methods reflect the best available research and are designed to foster student achievement
  9. Assessment & Evidence of Student Learning – The school uses multiple appropriate methods to assess and analyze student performance and growth
  10. Student Services – The school delivers effective services that bolster its educational program
  11. Student Life & Student Activities – The school offers a learning experience that goes beyond mere instruction and balances intellectual, cultural, and social growth, as well as physical health and wellness
  12. Information Resources – The school makes appropriate resources available to students and staff to support both teaching and learning

These standards are not easy to meet, but we believe they are well worth the effort – it’s what every student deserves.

Thank You All!

Securing this recommendation is a big step for Apple. But really, it took more than just our efforts to meet these exacting standards. We couldn’t have done it without the help and continued support of our team and Apple families. Working with you is what allows us to continue delivering a quality learning experience in a safe and nurturing environment to every child.

Your involvement in the accreditation process had been invaluable, and we want to thank you all for helping Apple achieve recognition for the wonderful things we do at each and every one of our schools.

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