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Kindergarten Info Session

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    Info Session

    “Montessori kindergartners achieve higher reading and math scores, advanced social cognition and executive control, and more concern for fairness and justice.” (Science Magazine, 2006)

  • Does your child love going to school? Is he or she so proud of being able to read and write? Are you amazed that your child knows so much, even who Picasso is? From birth to age 6, your child is in the most sensitive period for learning and IQ development! The Kindergarten year is essential to this growth and solidifying your child’s foundation and future. Join our Kindergarten Info session where you can learn how your child can take advantage of this unique time before its gone while continuing to progress at his or her own pace; instead of waiting for classmates to catch up. Learn about all the extraordinary opportunities available to your child as they continue to thrive as leaders! Meet with teachers and listen to current parents of kindergartners as they share their Apple experiences. 


    Find out why the kindergarten year at Apple is key to your child’s success in school and life:

    • 92% of Apple’s kindergarten students scored at least one year above their grade level in both Mathematics and Language, with some scoring as high as 4th grade levels.
    • Kindergartners in a Montessori mixed-age classroom are the leaders of the class who benefit from unique opportunities such as conducting classroom demonstrations
    • Your child will benefit from advanced curriculum including Apple’s exclusive reading program
    • Researchers have found a scientific link between hands-on experimentation and powerful learning (KQED)
    • Apple programs were designed to foster your child’s astounding potential
    • The Montessori approach has been acclaimed by some of America’s top early childhood and elementary experts as the most developmentally appropriate model available

    We look forward to seeing you! 

  • Favorite Memories from Apple Montessori Kindergartners

    • Having Ms. Russo as my teacher. I have learned so much with her help. I can now read, write, and work with challenging material in Math, Science and Geography.

      Anthony McCleary
    • Being a teacher’s helper

      Quin Lorio
    • Wearing my uniform on the first day of school

      Serena Shah
    • Reading chapter books

      Noah Jude Abraham
    • Telling my mom how special she is at the Mother’s Day Tea

      Sujay Gupta
    • Using the advanced Math materials like the Division Board

      River Ashton
    • Demonstrating different materials from the classroom to the little ones

      Jaana Forrester
    • Celebrating Ms. Rasdell’s birthday! I love Ms. Rasdell very much.

      Emerson Bonifacio
  • About our kindergarten program
  • Hear from an Apple kindergartner and his mom

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