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Hoboken Daycare Preschool Reviews

  • Special thanks to our Hoboken families for sharing their stories and providing an inside look at our schools. It helps other families get an understanding of what they can expect for their child. Plus it makes us even more proud of what we do!

    The following reviews have been posted on Google and Yelp.

  • Hoboken daycare review

  • A Google User: "We love Apple Montessori Hoboken..."

    We love Apple Montessori Hoboken: The curriculum is both thoughtful and fun. There is a good balance of new material and reinforcing repetition. The facility is kept clean and orderly. The teaching staff is extremely professional and we love the regular communications that help us learn how we can improve our child’s learning, or remind us to prepare for the week’s activities, or the photos of what our children have been doing. A very holistic and complete approach to education that continues to surprise & delight! I hope to have the same feedback next year as my child begins Year 2 at Apple!

    A Google User: "We couldn't be happier..."

    We couldn’t be happier with our choice of sending our daughter to Apple Montessori school in Hoboken! Teachers are extremely dedicated and they know their students very well. Individual attention given by the teachers to each student based on their caliber is incredible. The summer program is very enriching, it Incorporates continuous learning while having fun.

    Lair K.: "Apple Montessori was one of the best..."

    Apple Montessori was one of the best educational investments that we made for our daughter Justine nearly 21 years ago. The teachers are always positive and fostered her love of reading. We moved from Wayne and Justine needed public school for a few years and then went on to Apple. She graduated from there in 2008, went on to Quinnipiac University where she obtained her BA in Public Relations. She is now an Associate Program Manager for Web Technologies at Epromos, INC. In NYC. Although our daughters memories of the four years at Apple Montessori have faded a bit, as parents we remember the confidence that we had in this great school that helped to foster our daughter’s excellent academic skills

    Belefond: "They encourage self independence..."

    They encourage self independence, and have the best reading program ever!. It is amazing the way our kids learn at Apple Montessori, and are surrounded by lovely people, and great program.

    A Google User: "A good pre-school program..."

    A good pre-school program, a very clean environment, teachers responsive to parent feedback, and a convenient location.

    Akkro: "Apple Montessori (Hoboken) is an amazing environment..."

    Apple Montessori (Hoboken) is an amazing environment for learning. Our four year old has been there for two years and we couldn’t be happier. The teachers at Apple treat my child with tremendous care and respect. They teach him how to take pride in his work.Their communication with parents is superb. It gives us the ability to move what LPS is learning in the classroom into our home. Our son comes home full of stories about the environment, the constellations, countries he’s “visited” and more. I don’t think he evens considers this “learning”. Glad we know better!

    Estherene L.: "Beautiful location, spacious classrooms..."

    Beautiful location, spacious classrooms, NYC views at every turn! Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken is an amazing school! I love that the playground faces the NYC view such a beautiful location! The children learn so much at apple. My 3 children learned to read early on! They also gain a deep love of learning, I recommend this school to everyone!

    H. Gates: "We are very pleased with the program..."

    We are very pleased with the program so far, and have noticed a difference in our daughters vocabulary. We appreciate Ms. Ortiz and all of the aides hard work.

    A Google User: "Everyone told me how fantastic the school was..."

    Everyone told me how fantastic the school was but it wasn’t until I enrolled my own 3 children that I saw for myself. All the rumors are absolutely true the children are learning above level skills and most importantly are being well cared for. I am so happy with the school. I highly recommend this school to anyone.

    Deonna H.: "Experienced teachers..."

    Experienced teachers, very meaningful school events such as international day and festival day

    Marilyn Morales: "These schools are amazing..."

    These schools are amazing, every employee is completely professional and goes above and beyond for all the children. Reading program is amazing! Owners are very fair and every school is immaculate the management is very customer service oriented and really goes the extra mile. I highly recommend this school, children graduate from kindergarten proficient in all academic areas, but most importantly they graduate with an intense love of learning and incredible self esteem.

    A Google User: "We are beyond happy..."

    We are beyond happy with Apple Montessori. Our son has flourished, and we cannot wait to see how he continues to grow at the school.

    Pearlie Kegley: "Such a great view and even nicer staff and curriculum..."

    Such a great view and even nicer staff and curriculum ! The best school hands down. A real preschool not just a daycare. I have toured every school in hoboken as well as hudson and bergen county nothing compares to Apple Montessori Hoboken! Hands down I am sending my 3 children there !

    Rear W.: "They have a great technology class..."

    They have a great technology class which they teach on an iterative white board. So innovative. Apple Montessori Schools truly takes your child to the next level. The staff is super caring and the school is so clean. Apple in Hoboken is going to be such a great addition to the water front!

    Huizen66: "My child is super happy..."

    My child is super happy and cries to go to school she is having a great time and the staff is so caring. I feel Very comfortable recommending this school to anyone.

    B Henderson: "I recently found out through an article..."

    I recently found out through an article in the Hoboken reporter that, Apple Montessori Schools united its 17 campus locations throughout New Jersey, to come together for one cause – The Ronald McDonald House Charities. Each of the Apple Montessori School locations held events to benefit RMHC and raised a total of $20,000, a percentage of which was gladly donated by the Bailey Family, owners and operators of Apple Montessori Schools. One of the missions at Apple Montessori Schools is to educate the whole child. That includes instilling in the students respect and compassion for others through example and action. This is one of the best schools in the area and I am sure that the Hoboken campus will be highly sought after by all parents! So excited and I feel that this is a great addition to the Hoboken community. Thank you Apple for your generosity and for making a difference in the world as well as in the children! Love this school!

    Regalado: "Greatest Montessori School ever!"

    Greatest Montessori School ever! Reading program is amazing ! Camp is super fun and children learn as much in the summer as they do during the year while having a great time! I would like to recommend this school to everyone.

    Ellieoott D.: "I just toured the Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken..."

    I just toured the Apple Montessori Schools in Hoboken ! OMG so gorgeous! Unbelievable space, they go from 6 weeks to 6 years old and it is amazing! I cannot wait to start my child! Go tour if you haven’t already.

    Kerri Galepi: "Great school for children from birth to 6 years old..."

    Great school for children from birth to 6 years old. My first child attended Apple and he was surpassing all of his cousins by the time he was 4 he was reading. I am so happy that there is an Apple Montessori School in Hoboken now my second child will be able to also follow in his brother’s footsteps! So excited to have a great summer camp for my children. Montessori enrichment during the summertime who can ask for anything else?

    Henri G.: "So clean and everything is so well organized..."

    So clean and everything is so well organized they have the perfect location and classroom environment for children I am in awe of this location! Cannot wait to send my second child to Apple in Hoboken!

    Lilli Town: "One of the best schools in the area..."

    One of the best schools in the area. I like the Montessori method. My child’s personality and intellectual curiosity fit the philosophy of the school.

    Susanna Noratoo: "Security of the school is great..."

    Security of the school is great, the curriculum is unmatched by any other school of its kind. Reading program , enrichment programs as well as music time are all very well executed.

    A Google User: "We very much appreciate the care..."

    We very much appreciate the care, and attention our child is receiving in the Infant room

    Isabella S.: "Fantastic school so clean and spacious..."

    Fantastic school so clean and spacious. Beautiful materials in the classrooms.

    Delmar More: "Very responsible teachers..."

    Very responsible teachers. Good Syllabus covers different areas of child’s development.

    Jeff G.: "This is a fantastic school run by an incredible group..."

    This is a fantastic school run by an incredible group of teachers and administrators. The combination of mixed-age classrooms, the Montessori teaching philosophy, wonderful, clean facilities and caring teachers creates an environment that really fosters learning and emotional growth.

    Yasamine: "Our child has attended this school for a year in the infant room..."

    Our child has attended this school for a year in the infant room, and we have had a very positive experience. Before choosing Apple, we toured all of the uptown Hoboken daycares. We really found all of them to be excellent, but the facilities and educational program at Apple are in a class of their own. In particular, the separate, dedicated nap room in the infant classroom allows our daughter to stay on her nap schedule during the week, which means good sleep at night (priceless for any working parent). We didn’t see this anywhere else. The room is spic-and-span and all the toys are disinfected regularly. She rarely catches bugs from her classmates: she’s had only two fevers over the course of the last year, which seems to me to be much less than most children her age, let alone children in daycare programs. The teachers she has had are very loving and take an active role and interest in her development. By 12 months or so, she was drinking from an open-top cup and eating using a metal fork, for example – skills she learned entirely at Apple. She is learning how to use “baby signs” at Apple and can communicate to me when she is hungry, thirsty, etc., which reduces frustration overall. I have also noticed that the children in her class interact very lovingly with each other – they have formed friendships, share well, and don’t appear to me to engage in negative behavior like hitting. When our child struggled with developing the confidence to walk on her own, her teachers made a huge effort to help her get over this hump, and were as excited as we were when she finally did. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t note that our child was a student during the time period in which another student was abused by a teacher at Apple. This was well-publicized in the news media. We chose to stay at Apple because we were satisfied by the measures the owners took to make sure this did not happen again: from an overhaul of the administration, to new teachers in the affected classroom, training, and overall safety-related technology. (As an aside, I find it interesting that the negative reviews related to the abuse scandal appear to be written by people who don’t even live in the area). I don’t have enough nice things to say about our daughter’s experience at this school.

    Joe K.: "We are extremely impressed with the dedication, professionalism and compassion of the entire staff..."

    Our daughter joined Apple Montessori initially in the infant program and now is in the toddler room. We are constantly amazed on an almost daily basis when she says or does something she learned in school. The daily pictures and videos the school sends show just how much she is learning, while enjoying programs like music enrichment and developing socialization skills with her classmates.
    We are extremely impressed with the dedication, professionalism and compassion of the entire staff. We feel very fortunate to have our child in Ms. Valladares’ class.

    Unknown: "I'm constantly amazed..."

    My daughter has been enrolled here for about 8 months, and we are very happy with her there. I’m constantly amazed, almost on a daily basis, when she comes home with a new skill, whether it be handling a fork, using new baby sign language and a whole host of other little things. I enjoy reviewing the daily reports via email or app that include pictures/video, information on naps/feeding/diapers, as well as reminders for upcoming events or items that I’ll need to bring in (milk, wipes, extra clothes, etc.). Every teacher in her classroom shows nothing but the utmost concern and genuine warmth for my child and her classmates. They derive the same enjoyment and pride in their accomplishments as we do as parents. They’ll even put cute little bands in her hair, as this, sad to say, is one tool missing from daddy’s repertoire. Unfortunately, there were a few troubling videos that surfaced showing some teachers engaging in abusive behavior. After these truly disturbing events, we decided to keep our daughter there based on the school’s cooperation with authorities as well as improved safeguards and policies put in place. These include enhanced security, video monitoring, and increased parent engagement. Make no mistake, this was an extremely serious situation, but I have no reservations whatsoever about the safety and well being of my daughter or any other child at the school.

    Dina: "We could not be happier with our experience!"

    Our son has attended Apple Montessori School in Hoboken for nearly three years. We could not be happier with our experience! My son’s favorite teacher is Ms. Jauregui. He’s been in her class since he was 18 months and we are very happy with the quality of education and support both kids and parents receive from Ms. Jauregui, Ms. Jones and their teaching assistants. The school holds regular observations followed by conferences. So, parents are always aware of their kids’ progress. In addition, Ms. Jauregui is always available to talk before or after class and give mini updates on every day’s activities. For example, after I expressed concern that my son had difficulty completing alphabet puzzle, she helped me pick age appropriate Montessori materials and taught me how to use them at home. She also gave us printouts of simple assignment and exercises that would help my son learn how to write. What I like the best is that they teach kids to be independent and confident. Importantly, my son really loves the school and goes there every day with a huge smile on his face! I highly recommend Apple Montessori in Hoboken.

    Ning: "Ms. Skiba and all other staffs are all very kind, loving, and responsive..."

    My daughter is 3 1/2 and has been in AMS Hoboken for over a year. Her teacher Ms. Skiba and all other staffs are all very kind, loving, and responsive. I specially like the school strategy to mix different age kids together so the younger kids can learn quickly from older kids, and older kids can learn how to take care of younger kids and show good examples. My daughter learnt how to do things independently and treat everyone else with respect. Her days at the school are full of fun activities, both in door and out door. As parents, we are very satisfied.

    Shelly: "I have had two children at Apple in pre-k and we love it..."

    I have had two children at Apple in pre-k and we love it. Our teachers have been kind, loving, patient, and excellent teachers. They have taught my children to be kind, helpful, independent, and self motivated. They’ve also taught my children letters, numbers, counting, and geography using practical materials that make these new concepts tangible for them. I love the montessori method and how this school applies it. We are currently with Ms. Skiba and we know she loves our daughter and is teaching her well. She has blossomed this year.

    Jacqueline: "Our family has been so impressed with Apple Montessori..."

    Our family has been so impressed with Apple Montessori. The facility is very safe, clean and advanced. Our daughter is in her 2nd year and absolutely loves going to school everyday. She is academically challenged and greatly supported by her amazing teachers and staff. As the parents, we are excited to know our child is getting the best education possible. Being in a mixed age classroom allows our daughter to learn above and beyond her age independently and by older children. Also, our daughter can teach younger children her knowledge, which only reiterates her complete understanding of a subject. We can’t be any happier with our decision to have our daughter attend Apple. Any child would be so lucky!

    Matthew: "...has developed academically and socially at a rate faster than I expected..."

    My daughter has been attending Apple Montessori since may 2014 and has thrived since day 1. She receives attention from her teachers and has developed academically and socially at a rate faster than I expected. Her teacher Ms. Carbone is very caring and always open to discuss her progress or behavior before and after school. Parents should also consider this school and the benefits of the Montessori method of having mixed aged classrooms. I’ve started to notice my daughter discussing how she helps younger students in addition to being mentored by the older students. I also believe interacting with the older students helps with her emotional development and maturation. Most importantly, my daughter love going to school here.

    Sanjukta: "Every morning she is excited to leave for school..."

    My daughter attends school at Apple Montessori Hoboken location. She started preschool at 27 months and loves it there. Every morning she is excited to leave for school and initially asked every sat and sun to be dropped off to school – that’s the biggest testament to the enriching and nurturing environment offered by her teachers there.

    We toured several other schools in our area but AMS was was top choice for several reasons. We loved the school curriculum and the Montessori methodology of learning offered. The school premises were spotlessly clean and coat closets very well organized. When we toured the classroom, the children genuinely seemed happy and engaged in their activities.

    My daughter has become extremely independent and enjoys doing all the activities by herself – such an achievement compared to how she was before starting school. She has also become more social and has improved her communication skills. She is showing increased interest in learning new things – at the age of 30 months she knows all the colors, the shapes, and can accurately count the number of objects! Now she is beginning to recognize the numbers and letters in writing. It is fascinating to see her grow!

    I am very happy with our choice of school and cannot recommend AMS enough for a strong educational foundation for a child.

    Clemence: "If you are looking for a safe and great environment..."

    If you are looking for a safe and great environment for your children, you should definitely look at this school.
    Our children have been happier and happier there building their confidence, competence, self-esteem and respect for others.
    The classrooms are beautifully equiped and designed in a multi ages mix which allows both individual and social development.
    All the staff is nice and devoted especially the teachers who are caring, understanding and academically good.
    Lastly, as a parent you will get a excellent update on your child progress.
    I highly recomend this school. My children love going to school.

    Charu: "I am able to see what my daughter is doing in the class at any time"

    My daughter has attended Apple Montessori for the last year and half, and we are very pleased with the school. The curriculum of this school is excellent and my daughter is already reading and writing better than a 1st grader even though she just started Kindergarten. Using the video monitoring system that was installed last year, I am able to see what my daughter is doing in the class at any time. The school itsef is very neat and clean. Teachers and staff are professional and caring towards the kids. Overall, we have had a great experience with this school!

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