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Helping Your Child Create a Better World

November 17, 2015

food driveThe Value of Giving at Every Age

At Apple Montessori Schools, we nurture the whole child; and an important part of that mission is to help your child see that he or she has a gift to offer in making the world a better place. Plus the act of giving gives so much in return:

  • It opens our eyes to the world around us, learning life’s most important lessons early on. Very likely, they will to continue into adulthood.
  • It feels good. The satisfaction and pride that come from helping others and the feeling of fulfillment do wonders. It can develop new skills and self-esteem.
  • It teaches invaluable lessons. Children are able to learn about compassion, empathy, gratitude, and hope. They begin to appreciate their own ability to effect change in someone else’s life, in their community and in the world.

It strengthens our community. When a community is doing well as a whole, its individuals are better off, too.

Tips For Getting Children to Jump In Thanksgiving food pantry

Determine how much time you and your family can commit: weekly, monthly, once a year? Do you want an ongoing commitment or do you want a one-off opportunity?

Assess what your child’s abilities are and how they can be applied to service. Is he or she good with other people? Can he work independently? Is he athletic and/or artistic?

Consider the possibility of doing service from home. Hold a bake sale to benefit a local organization, collect food for the food bank in your area, or write letters to children with illnesses. Get creative!

More Ideas

Contact your local hospital, food bank, nursing home, or pet shelter for ideas on how to help. Websites like GenerationOn, HandsOn Network and VolunteerMatch are also great resources.

To learn more about Apple Montessori Schools and our other programs, please find a school near you to set up a tour or contact our corporate office at 973-283-6400.

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