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FasTracKids Program

  • FasTracKids program

  • Your Child’s Fast Track

    to School and Life Success

    For currently enrolled parents, access the FasTracs Parent Portal for tips on bringing lessons they love home.

  • FasTracKids Enrichment Education is a fun-filled learning adventure for your child! With multi-sensory learning techniques and interactive technology, FasTracKids develops key learning skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration with the goal to prepare the whole child for school and for life.

    You’ll be amazed at how fast they grow with FasTracKids. The most critical development of your child’s brain, and approximately 80% of their neural connections, will have developed by age 8. It’s a startling fact, when you realize what they don’t use, they truly will lose.

    FasTracKids preschool 2Specifically designed for children between the ages 2 through 6, FasTracKids encourages creativity and brain development by taking advantage of your child’s most productive intellectual years.

    FasTracKids program increases vocabulary as well as social behavior 100% – 150% faster than peers, while school performance improves 1-2 grades.

    As fun as it is educational, our two-year program provides children with an accelerated, enriched education. By changing activities every two to three minutes, the multi-faceted learning experience appeals to young minds and short attention spans.


    • FasTracKids’ enhancement of your child’s growth in education and communication skills complements Apple Montessori Schools perfectly!
    • With FasTracKids, the transition into a highly successful public or private school education is virtually guaranteed for your child!
    From President of the Kinnelon Board of Education Rex Bailey

    As some of you know, my background includes a career in the computer industry, positions in the education field as President of the Kinnelon Board of Education, as well as being a member of the Morris Country Board of Education.

    In those capacities, I have spent a great deal of time evaluating new programs which can improve what I believe is a unique and cutting edge approach to education which we employ here at Apple Montessori Schools. We’re proud to offer this joint venture partnership with an established corporation, which will bring to you and your child a computer program with education and child development skill building.

    It works perfectly with Apple Montessori’s curriculum. In fact, the synergism of the two systems will offer multiple enhancements beyond the potential allow you to follow the progress of your child.

    To say it is very exciting to us is a big understatement!

    • Apple Montessori Schools combined with FasTracKids will benefit your child significantly.
    • This program has so much to offer to each and every child that it should be mandatory for all of our children!
    • FasTracKids is currently available for children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old.
    • FasTracKids will build your child’s basic knowledge as it raises his or her IQ.
    • FasTracKids will develop your child’s critical thinking and public speaking skills.

    Rex C. Bailey

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