Apple Montessori Schools has temporarily moved to virtual learning and suspended all in-person tours. We are still enrolling for Summer Camp and School Year 2020-2021. Schedule a live virtual tour experience to learn more.

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FasTracKids & Montessori Connection

  • FasTracKids Program

  • The FasTrack to School and Life Success 
  • FasTracKids is a multi-faceted learning experience that appeals to young minds. This cutting-edge, innovative program puts technology to work for your child. It enhances your child’s knowledge through lesson plans delivered via the Fastrack learning station. The children will interact with the equipment including a Smart Board.

    They will follow up with a hands-on activity that relates to the lesson and will develop their critical thinking, as well as public speaking skills, while raising their I.Q. Learn more on the FasTracKids website.

  • Montessori Connection
  • Montessori Connection can stop your child from suffering the “summer learning slump.”

    These sessions can help:

    • Minimize learning loss
    • Beat the Summer Slump
    • Increase reading skills, with a Summer Reading Emphasis
    • Comprehension, with Individualized Instruction
    • Increase Math and Writing skills

    Much research has been done regarding “summer learning loss.” Studies have shown that “nearly all children lose about three months of math computation skills over the summer” (Cooper). Reading skills can also be affected, as well as listening skills and following directions. However, the same research has also shown that doing at least twenty minutes of brain engaging work every day can minimize that learning loss.

    In Montessori Connection, the children work with the Montessori materials in reading, writing and or math. This curriculum can be individualized to the needs of your child.



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