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Elementary Student Project Spotlight

  • Our Apple Elementary students create incredibly inventive, creative, educational projects every day!
    This spotlight is to celebrate the curiosity and amazement our students bring to their studies.

    Be sure to check back as we will continue to highlight our student projects.

  • The Wave Machine

    The sixth level students are studying different types of energy and understanding how energy travels in a wave. Our students created a wave machine using duct tape, wooden skewers, and gumdrops. This machine was spanned between two tables and tested to see the movement of a transverse wave.

  • The Parts of the Fish

    While learning about the parts of the fish, the students also hear the story of Gyotaku. This is a traditional Japanese method of printing fish, dating back to the 1800s. The students created their own masterpieces by painting the fish and placing a piece of paper over it. When their print was revealed they couldn’t believe their eyes!

  • Plate Tectonics

    Our Apple Elementary students are immersing themselves in Geoscience with a lesson on tectonic plates. And the best way to learn plate tectonic movement? Well, by movement of course!

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