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Elementary At a Glance

Grades 1-6
  • Fostering a passion for learning through interaction

    A child’s first steps are an unforgettable milestone for all parents. Moving from crawling to walking and eventually running is a time of dramatic growth and emerging self-reliance and independence. From birth, children develop unique personalities.

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  • As our children move into the elementary grades their capabilities and needs change becoming more complex. Their love of learning is fragile and can easily be lost unless we do what we do best: keep learning meaningful, interesting, personal, experiential, and enjoyable.

    New social and emotional behaviors emerge as children move out of the cocoon of early childhood and into the larger world of their peers. They get to branch out and explore new experiences, not only academically but socially and emotionally, while still safely enveloped in the Montessori family and traditions you have come to trust.

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  • At Apple Montessori Elementary School we are very proud of our 45-year allegiance to excellence in education and we commend you for pursuing that continued excellence for your child!  Teachers and families work together to endow children with a passion for learning and a strong academic foundation. We empower them with life skills to use from this day forward and gift them with the confidence and motivation to build a better world, starting today.

  • Together as educators and parents we will continue to strengthen autonomy and resiliency as we impart the skills needed for overall academic and social success.  Our commitment to your child and our ability to provide an exceptional education in a safe, nurturing environment remains our highest priority!

    Apple’s approach to learning offers each student a well-rounded, rich curriculum that combines Montessori with the best modern learning materials, games, and programs available.  Our reading and writing program is integrated throughout the curriculum and each student is expected to employ these skills in their work in all subjects including zoology, botany, math, geography and cultural studies.

  • With an emphasis on strong basic skills and comprehensive programs in Music, Art, Foreign Language, Technology, Athletics, and Character Development, we instill in our students a desire to grow as independent thinkers and productive citizens.  Lessons are presented in small groups, or individually, using “best practice” strategies such as brain and inquiry-based learning techniques.  Curriculum is designed to enhance spiraling and scaffolding where information, skills and material links old concepts to new, deepening understanding in a consistent learning environment.

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  • Our ongoing mission at Apple Montessori is to educate the whole child: academics alone will not suffice.  Woven through all our endeavors is the objective of developing strong character and integrity in each child. Character development, resiliency, and perseverance are your child’s strongest tools for future success.  We seek to instill in our students all of these characteristics as well as respect and compassion for others through example and action.

    Apple Montessori Elementary School is committed to continued excellence in education for our students and therefore, we offer enrollment opportunities only to those students who have successfully completed the Apple Montessori Kindergarten program. Some exclusions apply. Please contact us for more information.

  • njaisApple Elementary is a proud member of the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS), an organization that fosters educational, ethical, and professional excellence.

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