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Creativity: Exploring The World Through Your Child’s Imagination

December 07, 2016

What do you see in this sculpture above? A globe with hands, feet, ears, and one eye or a monster-like cartoon character?

This decorated pumpkin was created by a child who was allowed to explore his imagination and express his creativity at his own pace in the Montessori way.

Studies show links between creativity and problem-solving skills, expanding your child’s ability to “think outside the box.”

Learning and working become fun when your child is allowed to discover freely what sparks their interest and enthusiasm to undertake challenges and solve problems in the environment around them.

Allowing a child to express themselves is vital to the Montessori method of teaching as it helps build self-esteem, independence, and confidence. Using the materials provided in a safe, secure environment, your child can pursue new applications of self-expression.

The key element of the creative process is discovery and execution of your child’s own ideas. With the support of teachers and parents, your child learns that their actions and creations are important.

When your child is encouraged to participate in the creative process, it helps sharpen concentration skills, allowing your child to lose themselves in their work. In the Montessori classroom, this type of focus is part of nurturing healthy self-motivation and expression. That’s why a teacher’s minimal intervention in the Montessori classroom is so important for cultivating trust, respect, and self-efficiency in students.

The primary goals of a Montessori education are to inspire a life-long love of learning and creative pursuit. Founder Dr. Maria Montessori believed that as a child grows, self-exploration and discovery are two of the most important elements for developing self-awareness. This is one of the reasons why Montessori teachers encourage students to use traditional materials found in nature to explore their imagination and inspire creativity in innovative ways.

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