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November 01, 2014

Parent/Teacher conferences are going on in all locations. This is your opportunity to share what you know about your child’s learning and for the teacher to share her observations on your child. This is also your chance to ask those questions that have been forming since your observation of the classroom.

When parents and teachers work together to establish study habits, express values, and set limits for children’s behavior the child benefits greatly.

Often the child behaves differently in school and at home. The “loner” in school may be very gregarious and outgoing at home. The child who works beautifully in school may cry and whine over homework. By sharing your different observations solutions can be found to boost a child’s confidence or to build social skills.

Please be on time for your conference so you don’t create a backlog for those parents scheduled after your appointment. We strongly encourage both parents to attend the conference so you both hear the same message from the teacher and you both get to share your own observations and concerns.

Hopefully, you will hear only good news from the teacher but if problems are discussed then strive to reach a consensus with the teacher about how you will all address those concerns. Negating her message only delays providing the help your child may need to be successful in school. At future conferences you can discuss changes that may have occurred – both in school and at home as a result of your teamwork.

If you missed conference day or have ongoing concerns, be aware that conferences can be scheduled at any time simply by arranging a mutually agreeable time with your child’s teacher.

Montessori is aimed at the development of the whole child, not just academics. Feel free to ask for guidance or to suggest things you have found work well with your child. You and the teacher have the child’s best interests at heart.

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