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Bright Ideas for Summer

June 29, 2017

Local Experiences that Promote Summer Learning for Children

Research shows that students experience a real learning loss over the summer (New York Times) which is why Apple Montessori offers a Summer Program full of hands-on experiences that make learning fun.

Yet the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Here’s a list of local New Jersey attractions and adventures that will amaze, thrill and educate your little one – from parks and farm visits to museums and library events.

Explore a Museum

Museums aren’t all about spending a few hushed hours staring at Renaissance paintings. Lots of museums in the area have exhibits and activities designed specifically for children to have a great time while learning.

Imagine That!!! is a great place to start. As a museum with over 50 exhibits geared specifically to young children and many spaces for pretend play, you will find endless things for your little ones to do.

The Liberty Science Center also offers great ways for kids of all ages to learn about animals, the environment, their health, and a whole lot more. For non-stop fun for children ages 2-5 , be sure to check out iExplore and Block Party.

Have Fun on the Farm

A visit to a local farm is a great experience for kids of any age. They’ll see farm animals up close, find out where the vegetables they eat grow, and learn to make the connection between the food out in the fields and the meals on their plates.

See this list of family-friendly farms to find one in your area.

Check Out a Library Event

Whether it’s taking part in story time, joining a summer reading club, or doing crafts with their peers, libraries have a lot of activities for children, especially in the summer. Check out your library’s website or ask your librarian to find out what your local branch has on offer.

Explore the Natural World

See wildlife at the aquarium or the zoo. Visit an animal preserve to see and learn about wolves and birds of prey. Get up close and personal with our reptile friends. Or explore the tiny side of wildlife by going to an insect museum.

And the natural world doesn’t end at ground level. Our state has many planetariums and observatories that allow you to enjoy and appreciate the cosmic beauty of the stars, the planets, and the solar system.

Consult these guides for more details.

Spend a Day at a State Park

Discover historic buildings and learn about life in an earlier, simpler time. Or take a hike or a boat ride and simply have a relaxing time in New Jersey’s pristine wilderness. Can’t get enough of the great outdoors? Then you’re in luck: there are plenty of options to take the whole family camping.

Have a look at the dozens of parks you can explore.

Go on an Adventure

Exciting adventures aren’t far away this summer. You can take your child for an underground exploration at the Sterling Hill Mining Museum, ride a stagecoach at Wild West City, or let the interpreters at the Historic Village at Allaire transport you back in time.

Get Out There and Have Fun!

Children are naturally curious and they love learning and exploring. This summer, take advantage of these wonderful opportunities to expand your child’s mind, spark their imagination, and create some fantastic memories.

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