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    Brain Development at Apple

  • The Apple Difference

    At Apple, we understand that most of a child’s brain development happens in the first six years of their life.
    We are committed to nurturing the whole child during these critical early years, inspiring a lifelong love of learning in a safe and caring environment.

  • Why Apple: 5 Reasons to Enroll Today

    Your child will reach some of their most important developmental milestones before age 6, at Apple, we make the most of this critical time. Our approach to early education is hands-on which empowers young children to reach their fullest potential—not only academically, but also socially, emotionally, and beyond! 

    Hands-on, individualized learning brings abstract principles to life. The structured freedom of our modern Montessori environment allows children to learn at their own pace, every child is a unique individual and we respect that fact.

    In our mixed-age classrooms, we foster peer-to-peer teaching and learning. The older children are able to set an example and mentor the younger children while gaining confidence. Younger students look to older students as role models, which helps them visualize their future learning path.

    The proprietary reading program builds strong readers. Most children are reading by the age of 4 using our unique phonics-based reading program – it teaches the children the phonetic sounds as a “life skill,” allowing them to sound, blend, and read. Our Kindergarteners, on average, score 2 grades ahead on standardized tests given their K year on language, reading comprehension & math.

    Global citizenship and character development. Our whole-child focused curriculum helps children thrive beyond academics. We help children recognize that they have gifts to offer in making the world a better place. We focus on character development, public speaking, and celebrating diversity and all cultures.

    Enrichment Programs: Art, Yoga, Baby Signs & Yoga, Foreign Language, STEAM, and more. Nurturing an appreciation for music, art, mindfulness, Coding and Robotics is an integral part of our daily curriculum.

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