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Beyond the Classroom

  • Music and Art

    At Apple Montessori Elementary School, nurturing an appreciation for the arts is an integral part of our curriculum. As such, we offer weekly music and art classes and incorporate both throughout the curriculum. Singing about the continents or parts of a plant goes hand-in-hand with drawing or making models as we work in other subject areas.

    Students take a weekly art class. These classes generally focus around particular artists, art elements and mediums. The children also visit a local Art Museum once a month to tour the galleries and learn about artists and their genre. This culminates with an hour in the museum’s art studio to try their hands at replicating the style or techniques the children have just seen in the gallery.

    In music class the children study music theory and structure. They also explore aspects of music history and are exposed to a variety of music genres. We also offer individual instruction on a musical instrument to those children who wish to pursue this endeavor. At least once a year the children attend a theatrical performance or a symphony performance at regional venues. There are also several opportunities throughout the year for the children to present live performances showcasing their talents.

    Instrumental Music

    This program takes place during the day. The children may choose from various instruments. Music helps to enhance skills such as self-discipline, self-esteem, mathematical as well as language concepts, which benefit your child throughout his or her life. The children have the option to try a variety of instruments based on age. The flute, keyboard, guitar and drums are among the instruments offered. Children will be able to participate in an end of the year concert. Upper school students are able to participate at the Winter Concert.

    Foreign Language

    In the elementary years we offer weekly Spanish classes where the children build their vocabularies through dialog’s on many topics and learn about the people and places in the world where Spanish is spoken. Students use a Montessori hands on approach to emerge themselves in Spanish. Students use materials inside the classroom to reinforce those ideas and concepts taught in the weekly Spanish class. Writing assignments, and pen-pal opportunities are just a few ways bilingual education comes alive here at AMS.


    Technology in the Elementary Classroom | Apple Montessori SchoolsThe use of technology is integrated throughout our curriculum. A basic understanding of the computer is developed as students use the internet to problem-solve and research information.

    It is our belief that the computer should be treated as an integral tool for learning. Each classroom is equipped with desktop computers.

    Our Mobile Computer Lab offers Mac and PC laptops and iPads which are readily available for individual children to research information. We strive to integrate basic computer skills with video and photography skills to provide children with the knowledge and flexibility required to communicate effectively in a technological world.

    In computer class, they are taught specific skills to use in word processing or presentation formats. Keyboarding is presented and encouraged but not the crux of class instruction. In addition, older children are introduced to computer programming and movie making just to name a few. Additionally, students are encouraged to use technology throughout their studies including at home and in school projects.

    Physical Education

    Elementary Physical Education | Apple Montessori SchoolsFrom simple games to basic sports and activities, our athletic weekly classes emphasize physical fitness and good sportsmanship. The state of the art facility promotes many opportunities to build individual skills while learning valuable lessons on leadership and working together.

    Here they develop large and fine motor skills, participate in fitness and movement activities, practice specific skills such as throwing or dribbling a ball, and develop good sportsmanship. The emphasis is on movement education, spatial awareness, and balance through cooperative games, rhythm, gymnastics, and physical fitness.

    Field Trips

    Field trips are always a favorite with the students. We typically include trips to historical, scientific, environmental, and artistic venues. In the past, students have attended a variety of plays as well as performances by the NJ Symphony. We have visited Waterloo Village, the Paterson Museum, the Raptor Center, the Meadowlands Environmental Center and a host of other sites.

    We visit a local art museum throughout the year where the students view the galleries and have an art lesson in the museum’s studio. This cooperative effort with the art museum has been in place for over ten years and the students have an on-going relationship with the museum’s art instructors. Each year a reception is held, at the museum, to proudly display our student’s work. Their work is exhibited in the museum for several weeks for the general public to enjoy as well.

    We are especially proud of our Upper Elementary students who are actively involved in choosing field trip destinations as well as in doing the “leg work” to make these excursions possible. The students research trips, check available dates, find out costs, communicate with the bus company, and handle the important dates. We consider this activity as important as the trip or destination! The poise and business acumen that we see developing in the students, as a result of their “going out” activities prepares them well for whatever their future holds.

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