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Athletics & Sports


    Summer camp gymAthletics and Sports

    Many of Apple’s state of the art facilities offer a regular on size gymnasium, a multi-sport playing field, and a sports court.

    Summer program counselors promote fitness and movement as they introduce the campers to daily games and activities. The children develop large and small motor skills as they run, hop, skip, and jump. The fun continues as they develop spatial awareness and balance through cooperative games like kickball and obstacle course relay races.

    The older campers enjoy practicing their throwing, catching, and dribbling abilities as they develop good sportsmanship skills. Bike Day is a favorite as the campers bring bikes, trikes, and even big wheels to ride at camp!

    outdoor play summer campOutdoor Playground Play

    Apple’s camp playgrounds offer age appropriate equipment for children to climb, swing, and slide on. The equipment is designed to enhance each child’s individual skills and abilities, while promoting free play and socialization. Many of the playgrounds have synthetic grass play surfaces with underlying shock-absorbing pads for safety.

    Please schedule an appointment at an Apple Montessori Summer Camp to see for yourself what childhood memories are made of!

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