Apple STEAM Curriculum

For almost 50 years
  • STEAM: An important part of early childhood education
  • STEAM is an integrative experience that engages and connects student learning. It encourages children to be curious, to wonder and to be the innovative thinkers through hands-on learning and problem-solving. Young minds are natural sponges, able to absorb the foundational concepts of STEAM at a young age, then apply them to many aspects of their lives in the classroom and beyond.

    “…STEAM and Montessori are highly complementary, with their emphasis on the child determining what he learns through hands-on experimentation.” (Three Minute Montessori)


    • Science encourages exploration of the natural world, inspiring inquisition and experimentation.
    • Technology is about using tools, both simple and complex (from crayons to computers), to improve people’s lives
    • Engineering refers to identifying and solving problems through testing
    • Arts promotes creative thinking to devise new ways to carry out tasks, view and meet challenges
    • Mathematics uses the language of numbers, shapes, and quantities to find solutions
  • When we allow children to explore their world through play, we see that they are already scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians. We don’t create them, but rather allow the time and space in which those natural drives can flourish…~ Teacher Tom

  • Apple Montessori Schools have incorporated STEAM into our curriculum for almost 50 years!
  • Apple Montessori Schools’ STEAM into the Future

    STEAM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

    Apple Montessori Schools have exposed our children to a broad spectrum of scientific concepts and mathematics while using technology, engineering, and the arts for decades. Through hands-on, real-world materials, activities, and projects, students have numerous learning opportunities where they can incorporate planning, engineering, measuring, and artistic expressions.

    Apple’s preschool classrooms have an abundance of real, hands-on interactive Math and Science materials that expose, motivate, engage and integrate meaningful math and science concepts at all levels; while encouraging critical thinking, teamwork and communication within the mixed age group setting. Montessori math materials are phenomenal in exposing our children to Mathematical concepts, from the Spindle Boxes to the Bankers Game and everything in-between, our children love mathematics because they understand it! Materials and experiments in the Natural Sciences, Botany and Zoology are also in abundance, to name only a few. From Parts of a Flower or a Tree, to learning about Land, Air and Sea, or What is an Island or Peninsula? Science is in the hands of our children.  Our toddlers especially enjoy the “What Sinks and What Floats” games as well as digging and planting in a real garden!

  • Apple’s Summer Camps expose our campers to real social, economic and environmental problems as they communicate and work together as a team to seek solutions and problem solve. From using discarded household items to creating a musical instrument to designing a working crazy straw, our campers ASK, IMAGINE, PLAN, CREATE and IMPROVE.

    FasTracKids is Apple’s multi-sensory enrichment learning experience which uses advanced technology along with hands-on experiments and activities to build basic knowledge, while expanding critical thinking skill, communication, speaking skills, teamwork and leadership. Topics include Biology and Natural Science, How Things Work, Goals and Life Lessons, Mathematics, Speech Drama and Arts, Communication and Literature.  STEAM is everywhere!

    As Apple moves forward with our Middle States Accreditation, we are united around a single mission and focus on continuous improvement. As part of our strategic planning and curriculum alignment, we as a team have committed to expanding our science curriculum to incorporate even more characteristics of a quality STEAM program for our students.    

    We welcome you to contact us to learn more about Apple’s STEAM curriculum by contacting one of our schools.

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