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  • Montessori Elementary Versus Traditional Elementary

    Elementary school is a critical stage in your child’s journey of self-discovery and learning about the world around them. Creating an atmosphere where children love to learn is vital.



    Montessorians Who Have Changed Your Life (Even if You Don’t Know It)

    The world’s most innovative, creative, and forward-thinking people all share some of the same traits. They’re great leaders, they think outside of the box, they’re able to adapt and reinvent themselves, they’re dedicated and determined, and they know how to communicate their ideas and collaborate with others.



    How Apple Montessori Teaches Elementary Students to Be Responsible


    It’s a common complaint among parents: their children just aren’t responsible enough. They feel like they have to pick up after them constantly, cajole them into doing every little chore and monitor them closely so they don’t get distracted from the tasks they have to do. It’s a frustrating and difficult situation to be in. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


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