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Apple Families and Alumni

  • Apple Families are Amazing

    Children are at their best in school and beyond when we work closely with our families, and we are constantly amazed at the level of our parent’s commitment. This page is dedicated to our parents who have entrusted us with their most precious gift. And alumni who are also a special part of our family. 
  • An Apple Student Tutors Her Sister

    One of our parents shared this video of her pre-k daughter “tutoring” her sister. She writes, “It just amazes me how much they are learning in school. My big thank you to their teachers.”  

  • Adorable Storyteller

    One of our parents shared this video of her toddler reciting “Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?” You hear her mentioning the animals, her teachers name (Mrs. Hakkenberg,) and her classmates!

  • Ms Barias is a major reason I haven’t found a house as yet! Simple reason- I can’t take the chance of letting my son not be able to grow and become the amazing intelligent child he has become since he joined AMS…He is always excited to be at school and most importantly tell me “I am smart and precious”- something that his teacher said to him and he is proud about.

  • This made Sarah’s birthday extra special yesterday. She saw some of her favorite teachers at dinner and they even sang happy birthday! Thank you all so much to the love and care you give our children everyday!

  • Unbelievably cute!! An Apple parent who is also an Apple teacher shared this sweet photo.

  • One of our infant’s grandparents, a former educator, visited to read a story to his grandson’s class.

  • The Busuioc Family has had two children enrolled in our schools. Mrs. Busuioc and her siblings attended Apple years ago. That’s two generations of Apple graduates.

  • Dressing up with her son to celebrate International Day.

  • Thanks to this mom for the beautiful hand painted backdrop for our International Week celebration. Here she is with her adorable sons, Ryan and Dylan.

  • Pictured here is Kyle, one of our owner’s sons, who attended Apple. Here he is with his best friend Kimberly, who became a summer camp art teacher at Apple. View blog.

  • Our Father’s Day BBQ brought carnival fun, relay races and special moments where children got to tell their father’s how much they mean to them. View video.

  • We love the enthusiasm at Parent Appreciation Day. Thank you to our parents for all you do!

  • At Bring Your Parent to School Day, children give their parents a glimpse of their day at Apple. View video.

  • The first photo was taken four years ago of Ava during Apple’s International Day and the second was taken this year of her sister Laila during the same event.

  • This student’s mother writes: “I am very happy to share below art work done by SAMAIRA while playing at home yesterday night. We are very happy and gratified that SAMAIRA is part of AMS. We sincerely appreciate and know that this is purely a result of the exertion of the Apple teachers and staff.”

  • Kellie attended Apple through kindergarten and summer camp through age 12, where she later worked as a lifeguard. Kellie’s mom, who has worked at Apple for almost two decades, said, “I knew she was being taken care of like she was one of their own children and I never had to worry.” View blog.

  • With our Apple families, we better our community and put the key principles of our character education program into action. Learn more.

  • This parent is a former student who is now a parent of an Apple student. She has said, “When I went into first grade [after Apple], I was reading and way ahead of my peers.” View parent video.

  • At our Math Seminar, parents get to see how effective hands-on learning is with Apple’s mathematics program. View article.

  • Two of our wonderful parents came in and gave our students an introductory lesson on diversity. One egg is white and one is brown, but they are the same on the inside.

  • A former student who is now in fifth grade was asked to write about someone special and he chose Mrs. Mannion, his preschool teacher at Apple. View larger.

  • Mom and Apple get a shout out with this student’s moveable alphabet work. The material helps children “write” before they read by “sounding out” a word then choosing the letters to spell it.

  • At our annual art festival, parents get to see first-hand how Apple enriches their child’s education with the fundamentals of art. View album.

  • Apple Montessori Alumni Christopher Manzo, from Real Housewives of New Jersey fame, visited Apple to read his new book “Oliver Brightside” to students. View blog.

  • This proud grandfather loved seeing his grandson’s presentation at the annual Science Fair. View blog.

  • The former Apple student on the left is now a Director of one of our schools. She is pictured with the daughter of one of our owners. They are still friends to this day.

  • Apple is a family-owned business, as you can see in this photo of one of the three Bailey daughters who used to teach at Apple.

  • Granddaughters of the Baileys, Hayley, Chelsey and MacKenzie, were second generation Apple students.

  • During our Mother’s Day tea, moms were treated to special songs and poems about the things their children love most about them: View video.

  • Thanks to his mom, he got to tell his teacher just how much he cares on Valentine’s Day.

  • An adorable photo of one of our Assistant Directors 3 children on their first day at Apple Camp.

  • Alumni stop by Apple table to say hello!

  • A visit from Apple Graduate students of Mrs. Kotoulas in Montville and Oakland!

  • Alumni stop by Apple table to say hello!

  • Student practices at home for International Day

    One of our families got a sneak preview of our school’s International Day performance with this adorable student’s practice session at home. International Day celebrates the diverse cultures of our schools and the world. 

  • What better way can you learn about the kindergarten year at Apple than to hear it from an Apple kindergartner and his mom? Other parents who spoke shared, “The growth we’ve seen is just phenomenal” and “I have seen no people that are more committed to student’s success than what I’ve seen here.”

  • Celebrating 100 days of school

    Our preschoolers brought in 100 of something for our Friday Show & Tell to celebrate, and this family sent in 100 photos of their daughter at school plus a poem which reads:

    We’ve been learning for awhile.
    In fact, 100 days!
    We can spell, read & write.
    We can count in many ways.
    We’ve had fun & made good friends,
    But it isn’t over yet.
    Let’s keep going, going, going
    & see how smart we can get!


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