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Our Annual Science Fair

January 26, 2017

Annual Science Fair

Parents who attended our Annual Science Fair had the chance to hear a charming five year old explain which areas of our hands are the most difficult to wash germs from. Or, hear an eight year old’s hypothesis about whether or not a potato can conduct as much energy as a battery.


Our elementary students picked a science topic that interested them and then conducted an experiment to prove a hypothesis they developed. They produced detailed reports of their findings, including the purpose of the project, materials used, procedure for conducting the experiment and their conclusions.



Our preschools students as young as age 2 also participated in a science fair at each school.

What we learned about

The children in each class rotated to other classrooms to learn about different types of energy including electrical, magnetic, kinetic, hydropower, solar, wind, kinetic, and sound.  The children participated in various experiments to learn about each.

For example, electrical energy is energy that is caused by moving electric charges. The faster the electric charges are moving, the more energy they carry. One way we can explain electrical energy is to think about a ball being thrown at a bottle of soda. The ball represents an electric charge. If the ball is thrown slowly, then it likely doesn’t have enough energy to knock over the soda bottle. The harder the ball is thrown – the faster it travels – and the more energy it has.  It then has the ability to knock it down.

Lightning is another well-known example of electrical energy that exists in nature.

Here are some sample experiments the children enjoyed:

  • We learned about electricity and created a closed circuit so the lightbulb would come on.
  • We learned about wind energy and discussed turbines and kites, then made sprinklers using our own wind energy to make it work.
  • We learned about sound energy and vibrations. We made a record player using construction paper, cardboard, a sewing needle and it really worked!
We’re Energy Experts!

After learning all about energy, children as young as 2 ½ received their Energy Expert certificates. They were so proud to show them off to their parents and tell them all about what they learned!

View a gallery of photos from science fairs at many of our schools below.




View more photos from our Elementary Science Fair in our Facebook album.

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