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Am I Putting My Child to Bed Too Late?

January 27, 2016

Infant sleepingWhen is the best time to put your child to sleep?

When it comes to parenting, one of the most important topics revolves around sleep. “What time do you put your little one to bed?” “How much sleep does a two year old need?” These are questions you can find on just about every parenting blog and in every mom or dad group. Yet, there are no stock answers. Every family is different so solution can be different. It’s about finding what works best for you and your child.

One thing we know for sure is that studies have proven time and again that an early bedtime can positively impact your child’s mental, physical, and emotional health in a number of different ways. As adults, we often hear about the importance of getting 6-8 hours of sleep in order to boost our metabolisms, give our brains a rest, and maintain emotional stability. For a young child, all of these factors are all the more pressing, since they are growing and changing at a rapid rate, every day. Here’s why an early bed time for your little one might be best for everyone:

Few Temper Tantrums

Many parents swear by an early bedtime (around 7 PM) to fight the dreaded temper tantrums that often spring up during waking hours. When children are cranky and restless, they are all the more likely to act out and feel more sensitive. Whether they are too young to articulate their desire for sleep or too little to make the connection between their mood and their sleepiness, parents can avoid these outbursts by maintaining a consistent sleep schedule for their children. Unlike adults who need those precious 6-8 hours a night, studies have shown that children actually need around 11-14 hours in order to grow and feel their best. For more detail, visit How Much Sleep Do Children Need?

2855Greater Physical Growth –

Along with helping your child stabilize his/her mood, consistent sleep is also correlated to physical growth. For all those parents who swear up and down that their child has increased in size over night, there is actually some truth to this. When children are asleep, they spend about half that time in a deep slumber, which provides the perfect environment for healthy growth. Scientists have even found that those children who don’t sleep enough have a less than desirable amount of growth hormones in their bodies.

Keep the Sniffles at Bay –

With flu season right around the bend, now is the ideal time to set a consistent sleep schedule so that your children can get an adequate amount of rest and build up their immune systems. Both adults and tykes alike produce cytokines, which are designed to help combat all types of stress and illnesses. During the winter season, when it seems like everyone around you is coming down with something, stay ahead of the game by getting your child to bed early and insuring they get a full night’s rest.

Promote a Healthier Relationship

When you sleep train your children and get their schedules in order, it not only means that they get the physical, mental, and emotional rest that they need, but that you do as well. Instead of arguing with your little ones trying to force them into bed, you can spend that time catching up with your partner, unwinding, focusing on tasks that you weren’t able to get to during the day, and going to bed at a reasonable time yourself. By the time the morning comes, you will feel relaxed and ready to take on the day, and so will your child!

We understand the importance of good sleep and a good rest. That’s why our infant rooms are all equipped with separate napping rooms so our little can have true peace and quiet and awake refreshed. If you want to learn more about the benefits of an early bedtime or our infant and toddler programs, we are here to help! Simply fill out this contact form and our friendly and experienced staff will reach out to answer all your questions and help you any way we can.

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