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After School Program

  • Although the school day ends at 3:30 pm, many of our students look forward to our after school activities and after care program. These programs were designed to round out our whole child approach.

    The programs, offered to Apple students only, are natural extensions of the value system and structure we offer in the classroom. These activities offer your child a chance to socialize with friends, develop skills and have fun in a safe and familiar setting.

    After school programs including daycare begin at 3:30 pm. Most activities are approximately 1 hour long. After school care is available to parents until 6:30 pm.

    Chess Club

    The Chess Club has been in existence for many years. In addition to learning the rules of the game, these children learn patience, problem solving skills, strategy and planning. They exercise their memory skills and learn gracious ways of competing. Many of the children participate in local or regional chess tournaments and are extremely proud of the medals they earn. The members earn a rank and enjoy calculating their points and keeping track of where they rank using some math skills along the way.

    Athletics Club

    We offer several athletic programs throughout the year including soccer, basketball, tennis and golf. Using space both indoors and outdoors, the students learn skills and rules of the game. Additionally the children learn good sportsmanship, develop coordination, learn strategic thinking and strengthen endurance—all while having fun with their peers!


    A theater arts/dance program is offered throughout the year. The children learn different elements of musical theater. They learn tap, jazz, and free-style dance as well as acting out familiar scenes. The final show is participation in a recital at the end of the year.

    Mock Trial

    Our youngest elementary students have the opportunity to participate in a mock trial program. Children use fairy tales and stories they know to dissect and understand the legal system. This program encourages critical thinking and public speaking. Children also learn terms used in the legal system while having fun with friends.

    After School Care

    After school care is a great opportunity for children to socialize with friends, finish homework and play outside (weather permitting.) Our team organizes a variety of activities for students including art projects, plays, gym time and board games.

    Among other activities we offer Golf, Foreign Languages, and Homework Club!

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