Apple Montessori Schools has temporarily moved to virtual learning and suspended all in-person tours. We are still enrolling for Summer Camp and School Year 2020-2021. Schedule a live virtual tour experience to learn more.

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Admissions Welcome Letter

  • Dear Prospective Students and Families,

    Thank you for your interest in Apple Montessori Schools!

    I’d like to be the first to welcome you and your family to Apple Montessori Elementary School. We are an independent Montessori school, and serve students from first grade through sixth grade. AMS students graduate into middle school with a strong foundation upon which they will build their futures.

    Head-of-School-Welcome-_MG_6570-a-300x200Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and are surrounded and supported by highly qualified teachers in an exciting learning community. Through peer teaching, small group lessons, a nurturing faculty, and an extensive Montessori curriculum, the students gain a strong academic foundation, grow to be independent thinkers and become strong confident young people.

    AMS is a school based on community. Parents are an integral part of a child’s foundation and together with the teachers and students form an unbreakable partnership for the betterment of each student.

    Our students love school. They are proud of their accomplishments and their opportunities to impact the larger community through student led service projects, special events, and school activities. They value the community we have all created and make us proud whenever we witness their successes both large and small.

    The best way to understand what Apple Montessori Schools has to offer is to visit and experience the classroom first hand. While on a tour, you will be able to see the students actively engaged in lessons, hands-on experiences, and peer learning. We believe you will come to truly appreciate the Montessori process of education. You will see and hopefully understand the wide scope of the curriculum starting with the core subjects of math, science, language arts and cultural studies and enhanced by our appreciation for the fine and performing arts. You will see how our students integrate technology into their everyday lessons and witness our commitment to health and physical fitness.

    Your tour will be conducted by one of our educational directors who can answer any questions you may have about curriculum and student life. Come visit soon and find out why Apple Montessori develops a foundation for a lifetime of success!

    Each January, Apple Montessori Elementary School hosts an Open House. This is a great opportunity for you to come and learn about the extensive curriculum, effective Montessori teaching method, and understand our commitment to a well-rounded education. You will also have the opportunity to meet veteran parents and upper school students and gain perspective from our “lifers”.


    Apple Montessori Schools

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