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Academic Overview

  • Elementary students workingApple Montessori Elementary School’s approach to learning offers each student a well-rounded, rich curriculum that combines Montessori with the best modern learning materials, games, and programs available.

    We have four goals for our students here at AMS. We want to encourage a passion for learning, provide a strong academic foundation, teach life skills for this day forward and gift them with the confidence and motivation to build a better world, starting today.

    Academic-Overview-_MG_6535-a-300x200These goals are woven through our curriculum using an integrated model. Curriculum is designed to enhance spiraling and scaffolding where information, skills and material links old concepts to new, deepening understanding in a consistent learning environment.

    The program focuses on critical thinking, problem solving and cooperative learning skills through individual and small group instruction. Materials and presentations are designed to stimulate the imagination while developing the mastery of essential learning skills.

    The interdisciplinary curriculum integrates subjects into a unified program of study and includes:  

    • History
    • Geography
    • Natural and Physical Sciences
    • Geometry
    • Mathematical Studies
    • Language and Reading
    • Foreign Language Instruction
    • Music
    • The Arts
    • Computer Studies
    • Physical Education

    The elementary program is based on the “Great Lessons” of Montessori education, which are:

    • The Story of the Universe
    • The Coming of Life
    • The Coming of Humans
    • The Story of Language
    • The Story of Mathematics

    Academic-Overview-_MG_6134-a-300x200Through the Great Lessons, the children gain an appreciation for the contributions of past generations in all that has been handed down to them in literature, math, the arts, science, and history.

    The children come to understand that the subjects they study in school are living bodies of knowledge, created by earlier people. They come to realize that they too will someday contribute their own skills and talents to this ongoing saga of human endeavor.

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